Will's Paper 2 Notepad

Paper Topic 1:

As this world is going in a different direction, how does Cayce's?

  • 9/11 attacks
  • Death of her father
  • Quote from paper topic "… a bad one in its low-key way, dealt by sould-delay."
  • Life within Blue Ant: Dorotea, being followed, stalked, drugged
  • Life is different because of this ability/phobia to logos-definitely makes it more odd

Globalization Aspect?

  • The book is set all over the place, 3 main cities in different countries
  • Cayce's ability to communicate via e-mail, seems to be almost all e-mail
  • can be linked to the world going in a different direction


  • Big question is How do you express this when everyone seems to be linked?
  • Quote from paper topic "…that a life is one's own, and no one else's?"
  • Can transition from first discussion area
  • Does Cayce become accustomed to this new life?
  • Quote on page 304 "She feels as though…. she is no longer in."
  • Individuality in this whole spectrum is key

What is there to expect?

  • Anything can happen at any given moment
  • a sudden death (father), 9/11 attacks, spontenaity is impossible to predict
  • The whole footage aspect, chasing it down, meeting people, understanding what exactly it means
  • What does the future hold? Can we predict or realize what will happen?
  • The future is unpredictable in most cases, no one knows what is going to come

Thesis: Cayce carries certain characteristics and qualities that allow her to evolve into the person that she becomes; as the world moves in a different and odd direction, so does Cayce and her ability to deal with her transformation.

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