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Will Snipes
Internet Potential
People all over the world depend on the Internet each day, and without it our society probably could not function. Whether it is out in the real world or in universities all over the nation, the Internet has provided many tools and different ways to access a plethora of information. Most college campuses rely heavily on this invention. E-mail is a great communication source, and every college tends to have a university based e-mail. Also, the Internet has provided for a new way of doing things and advancing our universities. the Internet has provided a new way of communicating with others and advancing our universities The Internet has accounted for many useful resources and online academic genres. On the contrary, the Internet has also created many flaws with the young people of today. try combining this sentence with the previous sentence Some websites can be hurtful and lead to poor performance in the classroom. The younger generation cannot always be trusted with the new advancement in technology because many distractions can occur. Many college students are experiencing difficulties in completing tasks, staying focused, and keeping up with their work outside the classroom due to harm from the Internet. The Internet has allowed for many incomparable changes in our society and has been a huge benefit, but at the same time, the Internet is also destroying and corrupting the younger generation; therefore, it is necessary that we limit its use and manage the time that we spend on it.
The ability to access information has increased dramatically since the use of the Internet. Students are able to go online and find information about any topic at anytime. It takes no time to access all the information a person might need by simply going to Google and typing something in. Google is a search engine that has totally changed the way how young people and adults can obtain and comprehend random knowledge. The Internet contains so much material and has done wonders for people in terms of advancing our society and universities. Research and ideas can be found all over the Internet and can help other students in their own academic performance. This new advancement in technology has lead to an almost universal Internet approach on most college campuses. the beginning of this paragraph to here is redundant For example, Vanderbilt University has gone completely wireless with their Internet connection. This means anyone can access the Internet from any place on Vanderbilt’s campus. The fact that a university would do this shows how our culture is naturally shifting towards this online scheme of learning. Also, Vanderbilt has many multi-media sources of information that it uses. OAK (Online Access to Knowledge) is a perfect example of this shift towards the Internet based style of learning. On OAK, students are able to access certain assignments and are able to actually see what academic events or due dates may lie ahead. Vanderbilt is using this to make life a little bit easier on both the professor and the student. Another use with the Internet is the e-mail factor that it presents. Vanderbilt students are given a G-Mail account and in order to access this, one must use the Internet. The e-mail accounts provide a better way of communication with people at the university and people as a general population. A better understanding of new ideas and new ways has been brought out by the invention of the Internet. The Internet has achieved feats that many universities could not live without. Even though the Internet has given people positive accomplishments, it has also had its negative repercussions as well. some of your transitions from idea to idea are not smooth
Many students, often times, will get completely distracted by the Internet and lose focus of the task at hand. I can testify for this fact with a little bit of my everyday life. Often times, many students… Facebook is a socializing network social network that has become very popular among many students in universities everywhere. Each person has their own little profile, and it provides pictures, music, the ability to chat, and all sorts of other things. For example, as I have been writing this exact paper, I have also logged onto facebook to see if anything was going on. I have been distracted many times by sites such as facebook and looking back on it, it really isn’t that important. This distraction is one of many negative ones that the Internet applies. This distraction is one of many caused by the Internet. Getting on facebook could lead to a lower grade in my paper and, over time, very poor performance in the class room. The younger generation cannot be trusted to do their work when asked because of some of the obstacles the Internet supplies. Another example is people who are “taking notes on their computer” in a lecture class. 70% of the people, who are supposedly doing this, are actually on the Internet doing something else. where did this statistic come from? Whether it is playing a game, looking on YouTube, facebook, or surfing the Web, young people just cannot seem to stay focused on their class and expectations within the classroom. This does not happen to everyone, but it seems like the majority falls into the trap of the Internet and abusing it. …falls into the trap of abusing the Internet The distractions lead to missed assignments and work, a downfall in grades, and the overall well being of the classroom atmosphere.
Another bad issue that has increased during the Internet generation is the whole notion of plagiarism and cheating. It is so easy for people to access this wealth of knowledge and just copy whatever it says. This may seem so harmless and easy at the time, but in fact, people in many universities are getting caught plagiarizing when they could have easily avoided it. Sites such as Sparknotes, that gives summary summaries of books and novels, are abused all the time. There are many places and free websites where it is so easy for a student just to copy and paste a paper from the Internet into a word document and turn it in for a grade. Plagiarism has greatly increased in a number of universities and is becoming a more serious issue. It is the responsibility of the student to know and realize what is right and wrong on this subject. The Internet has made it much easier for students to get away with this and attempt such a thing. The students are not focused on what is important anymore and that is, the entitlement to a person’s own work. The harm that the Internet has caused certainly brings up this issue on what should be done about it. The real answer lies in how students can manage their use of it.
Universities must learn how to create an environment where students are monitored with time and what is being done on the Internet. If it is something school related and productive, then by all means, the person should be able to work as hard as they can on it. If it is something involving goofing off or wasting time, then it is up to the university to take a stand. Setting up firewalls and blocking certain websites would be a good start to trying to limit the amount of Internet use. The quality of work is more important than the quantity of time spent on it or spent messing around. Students need to learn to manage their time and workload more in school. Limiting the use of unaccredited outside sources would be another good way for the university to try to help this issue. Instead of browsing and looking at whatever a person may feel like, filter the results of a search to a research website or an accredited university website. The information on these websites is likely to be more accurate versus information from a random source. Universities have the ability to do this if they could just commit to doing so. Students would still be able to accomplish the task at hand, while doing it the right way.
The Internet has definitely shaped and defined our society’s advancement in technology. The ways it has benefited it is unbelievable. The wealth and access of knowledge is far more now than it has ever been. Students everywhere use the Internet everyday to their benefit but sometimes, the benefits may come from them abusing it as well. The Internet has impacted our society in both positive and negative ways. It is up to us, the people, to change how we manage its use and put forth a better effort to benefit fully from this wonderful invention. I'm a little unclear about your position on the Internet

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