Tina's Paper 1 Notepad


University student should have limited access to the Internet.


1. Introduce the current situation of internet popularity and how it applies to the modern university and analyze its tendency.
2. the potential (good or harm) the Internet represents for the modern classroom
3. The thought about Students should have limited access to the Internet. It has its advantage and disadvantage.
4. Suggestion of facing the challenge


3.1.1 Pro:
The Internet aids college-level study with the ability of students to access a wide variety of repositories of knowledge. For example, we can find our class lectures at OAK.
The Internet has, on the whole, positively benefited the university environment through online catalogs, indexes, and research tools.
Quotation from Jamais Cascio

Internet provides Knowledge-At-a-Touch. Google allows easy and instant access to topics of academic interest.

3.2.1 Con:
However, the Internet do mislead students to addicited with entertainment. For instance, the video game and the TV.
As Seven Birkerts indicates, our unique and comprehensive ability to speak and write language is more and more become a sort of “plainspeak".
Quotation from Nicholas Carr

The Internet encourages a greater breadth of subject knowledge, but less depth. This gives negative influence on analytical thinking which suffers as a result of easy access to knowledge.

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