Tina's journal

Journal Entry 1.2


As winter goes, the spring is in front of us. Then in an early morning of a sunny weekend, what do you think white people will do? The answer is fishing, of course! They have been prepared it for one week already. They go to the grocery store to buy baits, water and all other necessaries for fishing. They clean the boat night before and ready to go in the next morning.

Statistics shows that more than 70% of American families have fishing equipments. Parents take their children to fishing not only let them love the environment but also build up a good family relationship.

The most important character of white people’s fishing is that they have their own boats! You just can not imagine it. Few people in China or Japan could afford to have their own private boats. White people also decorate boats in their personal styles.

Why do white people love fishing so much? One out of many reasons is to relax. After one week’s work, they need to release pressure. Fishing is so much fun, breathing in the nature, looking at the scenery, listening to the birds singing. Another part is because they can eat fish which were caught by them. The process of fishing is not complex, but challenging. They have to find a place which has lots of fish and put the baits in the fishhook and throw it to the lake. Then they need patience to wait until the fish comes. Even the fish rising to the bait, sometimes it is hard for people to catch it to the boat. But as soon as they get the fish, they will be so happy for their efforts. To more people, the process of fishing means more than the real fish.

In one word, Fishing is becoming a much popular sport among white people.


Journal Entry 2.1

The Truman Show

Last weekend, my friend and I watched Truman Show on my computer. After I watched it, I was impressed by the movie. The hero, Truman, was made to be an actor when he was born. His life was a TV show which thousands of people watched it everyday. The director of the TV show was a genius who built a huge studio as the world Truman lived in. He employed people to be the close person of Truman to make his show successful. Truman never noticed that until a girl told him. Then despite all the difficulties, he turned out to an ordinary person who had his own private life.

To be honest, the genius director just made me thought of God. The God creates the world and people. He put people in the world he created for them. Thus people were controlled by him. As the director viewed, Truman is not really a human but an opus, a great opus. He hold a good degree to make Truman laugh, depress, love or sad. But Truman wanted to be himself after he knew the truth. He was brave enough to get out of the world director created for him. He wanted to control his own life and we all hold the firm stands that he will!

The movie brings me to think about life. Does everyone near us is an actor or actress? Does everyone live in the way they’d like to be? We should be act as Truman to live in our lives and the way we wanted it to be. And that is what the producer of the movie really wants to tell us about.


Journal Entry 3.1

some questiones about Borges novel

I am so surprised after I read The Garden of Forking Paths by Borges. I can not imagine the Argentina author got so familiar with the things related to China. The Chinese tradition elements such as lantern, the rose vase and the famous novel Hong Lou Meng.etc described in this story deeply impressed me.

I think the story’s big outline was to tell the reason why the war was postponed. And the reason was Yu Tsun killed a man whose last name is as the same as the city the British wanted to attack before he was arrested. Then the author talked about the detail in Yu’s murdering. I am really confused why he organized the story in this way. He inserted small story in the story and it just like labyrinth as he said in the novel. Maybe that is the effect he wanted to achieve.

Talking about labyrinth, it might be the topic the author wanted to tell us. Everything around us is a labyrinth. But what does the labyrinth mean to us? If we live in labyrinth in our daily life, it will be a disaster. No one knows what to do and how to do things. The labyrinth is not doing anything good for us. But in another word, he tried to indicate to us that life is a labyrinth. We need to be careful whenever we make a choice because our decision may change our life.

Another question I got is about the context. The author mentioned Yu was hurried to the train but he accurately wrote everything Yu saw on the train. Here is one piece from his sentence,

a young boy who was reading with fervor the Annals of Tacitus.

Yu even saw the title of the book! Is it a contradiction for the scene? The answer I got for that question is probably because Yu wanted to show his super ability. As mentioned early in the story,

I wanted to prove to him that a yellow man could save his armies.

He wanted to make his chief impressed. And this detail is one image of his difference to other people.

As a Chinese, I learnt a lot from what he says about China which made me feel ashamed. In one word, I do love this story although it confused me to a degree.

Journal Entry 4.1

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow white and the seven dwarfs is one of the first fairy tales I had read. It is a wonderful fairy tale which contains lots of elements Propp indicated. In the beginning of the story, a beautiful princess was born but lost her mom. Then she got a step mother who was also pretty. The queen had a magic mirror which could tell who was the prettiest person in the world. The mirror always said the queen, but one day it told the truth that the snow white was the most beautiful. A handsome prince heard that and came to see Snow White. The queen let a hunter to kill the Snow White. (4. Reconnaissance: Villain seeks something) The hunter commiserated to her situation, let her knew the truth and put her in a forest. (5. Delivery: The villain gains information) She was lost but eventually found the seven dwarfs house and stayed there. (14.Acquisition: Hero gains magical item) The queen finally noticed the Snow White was still alive. So she acted as a seller two times to make Snow White dead. (16. Struggle: Hero and villain do battle) But the Seven dwarfs saved her both times. At last, the queen made a poison apple and Snow white ate it. She died this time. The dwarfs put her in a glass coffin. The prince came and convinced the dwarfs to put coffin in his palace. When they carried coffin, they lost their balance and Snow White coughed her apple out! The queen died after she heard this news. (30. Punishment: Villain is punished) From then on, the Snow white and the prince lived together happily. (31. Wedding: Hero marries and ascends the throne)

Journal Entry 5.2

Blue Velvet

I think Blue Velvet is a really interesting website when I first click into it. The background sound makes me feel that I am in New Orleans facing the Katrina catastrophes. The whole website is well organized for me to know exactly what to follow to read the rest of the context. As a whole, it contains 24 sections and an index. Readers have to read the section one after another instead of clicking around. However, the website will allow me re-enter to what I left last time. Each section is marked in a big title with some key words popped up after I click on it. Those words give me a brief idea what the paragraph mainly talks about. Each section is formed by not only text but also pictures, sounds, videos and statistics in order to attract readers’ attention. The text is also composed in an unusual way. It marks the key points in big size and the rest in normal readable size. Besides that, whenever I click on that slide again, the text will be composed in a different way. It makes readers willing to read it again and again. In the end, an index is given which is really helpful to make links between sections. The navigator provides everything readers need to know in the sections. Therefore, it gives readers even a better understanding about the context. Overall, Blue Velvet website is so attractive that I read through the entire context. It takes advantage of visual and acoustic effects with an interaction to the readers. Readers can actually learn and remember things from the website.

Journal Entry 6.2

Pattern Recognition 42-83

I found Pattern Recognition turned out to be an interesting novel. Cayce is like a mystery with contradiction of her ability and allergy in logos. And her taste of the color black has been presented again and again in the section. There is one thing grasp my attention which Cayce and Stonestreet’s conversation about the past and future. “The past behind us will look nothing at all like the past we imagine behind us now.”(59) Her understanding of past and the unique view of the time shaped her talent in the career. Time plays a big role in the fashion trend. And that is probably a reason why she is sensitive to the brands but can still be an expert as an ads consultant. Besides that, the antique calculator and the modern online chatting forum make a big difference on the time line. So the different perspective of time might be a theme throughout the story. Also, through the rest of reading, we may discover more facts about why she gets such a unique career.
One thing I lost in this part is about the Asian Slut which has been mentioned several times. What is the relationship between Asian Slut and F:F:F? It seems it is a secret that Cayce doesn’t want to tell Bigend about. Other than that, Cayce and Parkaboy has already found some clues for F:F:F about the watermark. But the footage remains as a mystery. I assume the story is going to be more interesting as it goes on.

Journal Entry 7.2

Pattern Recognition 125-166

In this part of the novel, it talks about another person who has made an important impact to Cayce—her father Win. He was believed to be a victim of 9.11 when he was doing a process of obtaining a number of patents related to his work. (P137) I wonder if her father’s mystery appears in New York the day before 9.11 has something to do with Cayce’s footage. Or maybe her willingness to work with Blue Ant to find out the weird footage is because her father’s loss.

Besides that, Cayce got attack from some Italians after she met with Taki and Boone told her those gays also work for the Blue Ant. The story is turning more mysteries. Why did Bigend send Cayce all the way to Japan to find out the footage but also let her get attacked? The story is becoming more attractive to grab reader’s attention about how could Cayce continue work to discover the meaning of the number that Taki gave her and somewhat how did this related to her father’s missing.

So far, the novel has been taken in so many places such as New York, London and Japan. The author is trying to tell us a lot of information and he separates the story into small plots. It is like the title of the book that we should recognize different contents as different patterns. We should be finally find out how does these patterns work out together as the story continues goes on.

Journal Entry 8.2

Pattern Recognition 208-248

It seems to me even Dorotea has told Cayce what is going on for her awareness, there is still something hidden behind Cayce. Bigend said he trust Dorotea to be loyal to her career, but does Dorotea really want to work with him? Later on, Margot sent Cayce email about some strangers in her apartment. Are those people hired by Dorotea again or Russian? Besides that, Mama Anarchia who is not friends with Cayce by any means knew she was in Tokyo and asked Ivy about her situation. There are so many mysteries remains. Just as the book title, Pattern Recognition, all those small things may play a big role in the end. Cayce should be smart enough to recognize different patterns and what they mean.

Boone flied to Ohio to find out the watermark on the footage while Cayce followed her father’s message which was sent to her dream to have a talk with Hobbs. I am sure they will find the footage eventually. Also, Hobbs’s calculator was lost and he was so mad because of its originality, it reminds me of Cayce’s allergy to the brand of Michelin man and Tommy Hilfiger. Both of them like the things to be originality and this might draw their interests to same effort—finding the footage.

In this section, Cayce’s father occasionally appeared in her mind but made lots of influence to her. Although it was only couple paragraphs to describe her father, I fell they play a big role to Cayce’s action. With continuing reading the novel, I hope I will finally find out more about her father and his disappearance.

Journal Entry 9.2

Pattern Recognition 289-328

Up to now, lots of the patterns in this book have been recognized and connected to each other. We finally got to know the maker of the footage is Nora and she has a twin sister, Stella. Cayce still can not believe that Stella easily told her almost everything about the footage during the first time they met. I think it is due to the same tragedy—lose of father—bring them together. And Stella is eager to share her thoughts with Cayce because they are somewhat similar. From the word Stella says about why she wants everyone around the world knowing her sister’s work is simply because of the beauty of the art, the art created by her sister. This again shows the originality of the art which is Cayce’s aspiration. All those common characteristics bring them together.

We also found out why Mama Anarchia would sent email to Ivy asked about Cayce is because Dorotea is Mama Anarchia. In my point of view, Dorotea has been involved in every action that Cayce does and watched her behind the scene. It seems Dorotea is more interested about Cayce’s father even than how Cayce got the email address. The mystery of Win becomes the ultimate question the section left to us. What happened to him exactly at that day? How does Dorotea have the connection with Win? And how does the disappearance of Win serve her self-interest toward the footage?

At the end of this section, Cayce was drugged by Dorotea and be taken to a secret place. I feel this will be an important place and some mysteries might be solved here.

Journal Entry 10.2


I have never played an interactive internet game like Photopia before. It is an adventure game with no graphs in it and I have to finish up in one level in order to move further just like other games. The main difference between Photopia and other games is that it is also a piece of literature. It allows me to explore different places from underwater castle to the unknown red Mars in short stories. Although I was lost at first, not knowing what I should put in the command, I soon picked it up after I played some parts. I like the way the storyline was broke into several parts and you can never tell what is going to happen next. Also, I can guide the character to go which way I want him to go, although I should always keep it in one direction in case I am lost. But eventually I realized that no matter how we control the game, it will turns out to have the same thing. That means as long as we can get the game continuing, we will get to same conclusion. The most fun part is also about this that we look around the place and finally get the things we want to move into another level. I find another interesting part in Photopia is that it uses color to help form a theme in some sections, like the red planet, the blue pool, and the golden beach. It acts in the way that the story has brought me to different places and made me willing to explore further.

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