Tina's First Paper

With the development of the internet technology, people enter are entering the Information Technology Age. There is a statistics statistic that shows 69.8% of high school and college aged students have access to the Internet.1 As a modern information media with powerful capacity, fast and convenient means of communication, the internet is widely accepted by people. It is an important transmission for people’s cultural activities and ideas.

The internet has not only profoundly changed people’s work, study and living style, but it hasalso made an impact on today’s world and society in economical, political, cultural, educational and technological ways. Different values, lifestyles, ideologies haveconverged together to challenge modern university student's’ ideas, values, andbehavior patterns in a variety of ways. In the meanwhile, the open, cross-cultural, interactive internet environment also brings has brought many negative effects on people.(;) Therefore, I think they should have limited access to it.

To be honest, the Internet does aid college-level students to access a wide variety of repositories of knowledge. For example, we can find our class lectures, syllabuses and grades at on OAK. We will not be stressed if we do not know what today’s assignment is and when it is due We will be less likely to be stressed if we don't know what the day's assignment iw since it can be found on the web. The Internet has, on the whole positively benefited the university environment through online catalogs, indexes, and research tools. One way I got to know Vanderbilt One way I found out about and got to know Vanderbilt was through the internetis from the Internet. As I am an international student in China, I can hardly do a campus visit Since I am an international student in China, it was very hard to visit the campus. The organized website shows me a big picture ofwhat I expect for the next four years.

As Jamais Cascio said at “Get Smarter”,

the increasing complexity and range of media we engage with have, over the past century, made us smarter, rather than dumber, by providing a form of cognitive calisthenics.2

He also points out the games (includes internet game) have become extraordinarily dense with detail, filled with subtle references to broader subjects, and more open to interactive engagement.3Although it is true that media makes us knowing things better true that the media exposes us to many things, it will for sure bring bad influence to the students if they are misguided and become addicted with entertainment. Take the internet games like Halo for example. It might be really interesting when people can play with different people in the country or even around the world on the internet, but not when many students become victim victims of game addicted addiction. They find all the way all the way -> a way to escape study for the games. I know a tragedy happened near me that one of my classmates died at the video studios because he spent continuous three days and nights for playing. It is so sad when we heard about it and I do not think it should ever happen again.

Students can not be trusted to use this powerful force responsibly without supervision. Students’ ideology is (are)still in the development process. As I know, many students are paid by the parents to receive education in the university in China, few needs to share the responsibility to support the family. For those students, their awareness of self responsible are so weak sentence structure off, (their awareness of responsiblity is so weak, that)it is easy for them to fall into trap of playing online games.

As Nicholas Carr indicates in his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid”4, people always use Internet to skim for the source what they really want. But they actually do not read any of them only to get a brief idea of the paragraph. It is not good to us—college students—not to have a deep reading. When we are doing assignments in the liberal arts field, we have to think what goes beyond to the phenomena; what the professors want us to think about the topic. Also, sometimes we do our research paper which we come up with the idea we have read on the Internet. We will easily use the source without sited them as what plagiarism does. The internet have so many information for us to seek that we do not think really hard about the problem but just simply search for the result. The Internet has given rise to all manner of unforeseen problems on today’s campuses, such as online plagiarism and Spark notes.

Besides those academic aspects, the internet hasalso made effects to our social life. Just as Seven Birkerts showed in “The Gutenberg Elegies”, our unique and comprehensive ability to speak and write language is more and more become a sort of “plain speak". We get more and more net languages used in our daily life. My friend told me when he is doing the SAT essay question, he simply put u as “you” without thinking. He realized the mistake after he finished the test. This situation happened more frequently when students are writing their essays and papers. It pops up in the minds and typed in naturally.

More important importantly, with the decent increasing people use the internet with the increase of people using the internet , more internet language attacks have occurred. “Every coin has two sides.” For one thing, people usually think in different ways. (;) In some extreme cases, vituperate appears on the net and does can have abad influence on the students. Students have to get the clear-headed for Students need to know which information they should neglect)which information they should neglect.

The net has penetrated people’s daily life inevitably with providing abroad and convenient information in various functions. For students it provides even more knowledge and anadvantage for them to help them with theirself-learning, meanwhile its disadvantage, such as addiction with online games, online plagiarism, weak language skills and online negative information can not be ignored while its disadvantage can be that students get addicted to online games, plagiarising from websites and can develop weak language skills. How to face the challenge and overcome the drawback is a task put in front of us. Here are some of my thoughts; First, we should fully aware of the real value of internet education and to create a good, healthy network of education we should be aware of the value of that the education the internet provides us and then we should create a good healthy network for learning. Second Secondly, the government should try to limit access for students because of less responsibility less responsible students but there should be no limit on academic websites or news websites as some students put lots ofefforts on Facebook and gaming sites.

This paper has a lot of good key points and persuades the reader that we should expand campus-wide access to the internet, but by doing so we need to make sure our students are responsible while being on it. There were some grammatical errors and sentence structure issues, but overall the paper was well put together. I would focus mainly on the subject- verb agreement in the sentences because there was a few instances where the verb didn't match. I took the same viewpoint on this paper and I thing you did a good job.

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