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My name is Shihui He. Since I am an international student from Shanghai, China, I also had an English name known as Tina. You probably wonder why I come to the U.S to have my education. Here is the story. I was an exchange student in Ohio two years ago. I found myself completely immersed in the culture and environment around me. Since then, I decided to pursue my future study in U.S. Now I am planning on major at Economics in College of Arts and Science of 2013. My goal is to apply a top business school after I graduate from Vanderbilt. Besides that, I like travelling around the world. I have already been to Asia (for sure), Australia and America. And I will pace my step to Europe and Africa in the future.

My Writing Career

Most of my writing assignments are written in Chinese. In general, English teacher gives us a short essay to work on. I still remember the longest paper I have ever written in English is three pages long which are about the criticism of film’s stereotype. I did like it as it made me learn a lot from searching information. Another assignment I had was to compose a fiction based on certain words. I did not like this one much because it is hard to write all my imagination in English.

My Writing Strengths

I am surely unconfident to write paper in English as it is my second language. But as long as I know what thesis I am talking about, I can come up with several examples to support it. I always write outline before I accurately start my essay or paper. Another strength I have is I will check my grammar and revise it over and over. One more thing is I like listen to other’s advice and opinion regarding to my paper which can help me to write a better essay.

My Writing Weaknesses

The first thing is hard for me to think about a good and interested thesis to attract reader’s attention. I will work on setting up my own writing style. One of my weaknesses is using simple sentence structure and vocabulary. To expand my vocabulary is the thing I should improve throughout the year. Another one is I can not illustrate my point clearly enough. Sometime I write down some sentences which look nice to me but unrelated to the topic itself.


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