Regan's Journal

Entourage HBO Series (Journal 1.2)

Since television is essential to every white man's evening whether it be after a hard day’s work or a student’s long day of classes, we must not look past what everyone is watching on Sunday nights. Entourage, the HBO series that every high school and college student is tuning into, premiered on July 18, 2004 and has never looked back. The hit series has won Best Series- Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globe Awards the past 5 years. The show, which is now in its 6th season, is about an up and coming movie star who moves out to Hollywood with his childhood friends from New York. The thing that seems to catch everyone is the recurring themes of male friendship and their lifestyle in Hollywood. The show is based on Mark Wahlberg and his entourage of friends. Celebrity guests usually tend to show up at least once per episode. There have been appearances by Tom Brady, Jessica Alba, Kanye West, and Luke Wilson.

There has always been a show that everyone seems to watch. Entourage is today’s version of Friends, except it involves more pop culture. The show plays out to be a guy’s type of show because of the sexuality, partying, and fame, but often times girls will also watch it with their friends. I know for instance my sister will go over her friends every Sunday night to watch Entourage. There also has not been a Sunday night since I’ve been at school in which I haven’t ran back from my study hall to make it back for the beginning of the show. Entourage is a great universal topic of discussion because everyone has their different views on the show and which parts they like the best.


Scary Movie 3 (Journal 2.1)

The other night when I was flicking through the channels on my TV, I came upon Scary Movie 3. Now let’s be serious here; I think all of us, or at least the ones who are into movies, know that this is not actually intended to be Scary. The movie is the third film in the Scary Movie franchise, and like all the others, makes fun of different horror movies. This is not the type of movie like Snakes on a Plane, in which intends to be scary, but comes off in a funny way because of how ridiculous the plot is.Scary Movie is trying to be funny but I feel like a lot of the parodies they try to use don’t come out right and therefore don’t turn out to be funny.

In this specific movie they make fun of Signs, Independence Day, and The Ring. In one instance, one of the main characters watches a tape and finds out he’s going to die in seven days (same as in The Ring). The movie portrays it to be like a joke as if how could that possibly be scary to someone. If I were a producer of any of these horror movies that Scary Movie tries to “make fun of” I would feel disrespected and upset. I know the purpose of these movies wasn’t to disrespect other people, but it almost comes out that way. I think we should resort back to the ways when a Scary Movie actually meant that it was a “scary movie”.


The Garden of Forking Paths (Journal 3.2)

The Garden of Forking Paths was a little hard for me understand my first time reading it. After discussing the plot and all the characters in class on Friday, I got a much better understanding and then I was able to tie things together. Both of the websites that were given to us to view were also helpful because it elaborated on the story. The first website goes along well with the story because it is like a maze. Since one of the main themes of the story is a labyrinth it ties in well.

When you first enter the site, it can be a little confusing at first, but after you search through it, you get a feel of how to navigate through the site. The second site you gave us to view, I felt was more beneficial because it was a commentary of the reading. I liked this better because it got to the point, whereas the first site had a bunch of designs on the side and had different passages depending on which part of the text you clicked on. Now that I understand what’s going on in the story, I have become compelled because these are the types of stories I like reading about when there is a lot of twists and how there is a spy involved. Since labyrinths are a key part of this story, there are parts of the story where you’re not sure what’s going on but after figuring it out these whole story starts to make sense and it can draw you in as a reader.


Fairytale (Journal 4.2)

A long long time ago back in the village of Kumbai, there was an elder named George. He was a man who was known for his meaningful stories. One night by the fire he told his great grandson a story about his cousin named Peter. The story George told was about when Peter was just a kid. He explained that Peter was brave and intelligent, although he didn’t have his priorities straight; He never looked after the people he was close with and he tended to be a little bit selfish.

One day Peter and his best friend, Joe, went out into the woods to play hide and seek. At first Peter was the person who was it, so Joe went off to find a good hiding spot in the woods. Time and time went by while Peter was looking for Joe, but eventually after getting very frustrated he was able to find him in the middle of the woods. It was right then that out of the corner of their eyes stood a big red fox. This fox wasn’t any ordinary fox though; this one could talk. The fox demanded for the money that they had on them and said that he would not hurt them if they followed his orders. Joe gave the fox his money without hesitating. Peter though refused because he had $30 in his pocket that he was not willing to give up. Joe was begging him to please go along with what the fox demanded but Peter would not give in. All of a sudden without even thinking about his best friend Joe, Peter started to take off running to get away from the fox. The fox then darted off after Peter and chased him down. After that Joe never saw Peter again.

Blue Velvet (Journal 5.2)

This is a very interesting website with the approach it takes. I liked this site better than the Chroma one because it was a little easier to understand and navigate. The visual played a big part and intrigued me because after you click on a word, it drops under water and talks about a certain subject. It also demonstrates how the city is built since it is under sea level so if the levies don’t hold, the city is in for a disaster.
This is similar to the garden of forking paths’ website because the website jumps all over the place. This was the only confusing part because by the end, I wasn’t sure if I had navigated the whole website or not. However this site was much clearer than the forking paths’ site because it was very straight forward and the visuals were very effective and creative; where as the other site's designs seemed to be a little distracting. The site is on a very sad tragedy that most people don’t realize how many lives it changed. The hurricane’s implications are still present today as many families are still without homes. I have great gratitude for these people and this website brings out a better understanding of this tragedy.

Pattern Recognition (Journal 6.2)

Cayce Pollard is a very interesting character. Not only does she give off a weird impression with her all black, out-of-date clothes, but her personality is also just as strange. Her allergy of certain types of logos that makes her sick is a little different but yet it makes her good at her job as a consultant in fashion. While reading this book, I've often times thought about what it would be like if I had Cayve's job. I think it would be a hard position for me because I feel as though in order to do that type of work, it takes a very unique individual and traits that I don't seem to possess. These people need to be able to think outside the box and seem to have different types of emotions like when Cayce gets sick in the store after seeing all the logos and brand names. This scene really stuck with me because I had never witnessed or even heard of anything like this happening with people. I feel that due to her unique and different personality, Cayce is more likely to crash with people. She seems to take a very firm stance with her view on different things like how she insists the Michelin Man is a terrible logo. I have afeeling that at some point in the book, Cayce's job will be at risk because of how she has a fighting spirit and isn't exactly open minded with the thigns that pertain to her job.

Pattern Recognition (Journal 7.2)

By Cayce accepting Bigend's task of going out of the country all the way to Japan to find the creator of the footage, it shows a lot about her character. This takes a certain type of person to do something like this because not only is she leaving the country, but she also is putting her life at risk. This is shown when the Italian men attack her after meeting with Taki. I know personally I would not be willing to do that if I knew it meant that my life would be at risk. Cayce must have a lot of respect for Bigend or atleast know that this could lead to something big if shes willing to do this. Like we mentioned in class, I think Bigend is really going to try to capitalize on the footage by advertising with it since it seems to attract so many people.

If I were Cayce I would feel a little hatred toward Dorothea after she gets attacked by her while expressing her ideas toward the Michelin Man. This scene continues to show their animosity towards each other and their clashing relationship. It takes it to a whole new level when Cayce expects that Dorothea is spying on her through her wiretapping device. This is a little overboard on Dorothea’s part and I would start to be a little freaked out if I were in Cayce’s shoes. I also have a lot of respect for Cayce due to the fact that she is essentially doing all of her work on her own; again showing that she is a strong individual.

I look forward to seeing what is to come while Cayce is in Japan and whether or not she is able to find the creator of the footage.

Pattern Recognition (Journal 8.2)

After reading this section of the book there were a few things that stuck out to me. First I was surprised that Bigend hired Dorotea for the job at Blue Ant. There obviously must be something that we don’t know about because it is very suspicious. Since the Russians were the ones who hired Dorotea, there could be a chance that Bigend is involved with them. Cayce is starting to feel threatened by Cayce since she knows that the one of the Italian men was the driver of Dorotea’s car. I would feel the same way knowing that Dorotea is up to something and is clearly trying to interrupt Cayce’s work. Boone plays a very important role because earlier in the book it seemed as though Cayce didn’t seem to be close with anyone and was out on her own. Now she has someone to get things off her chest as she expresses how she feels towards Bigend and Dorotea. I would not feel safe if I was in Cayce shoes because someone has been intruding her apartment other than Margot, the person who is watching her place.

It does seem weird that Boone is always checking up on Cayce, but I feel as though he’s just looking out for her and being a good friend. He knows Cayce is in a tough position and needs someone to be able to talk to about personal things. I am interested to see how the rest of the book turns out and whether Dorotea is going to become more of a problem towards Cayce.

Pattern Recognition (Journal 9.2)

This chapter provides us a better insight of the book because you can start to put the pieces of the puzzle together. First we find out about what we’ve all been waiting for, which is that the creator of the footage is actually reveled. I was compelled to see that the woman, Nora, does the footage as a way to show her emotions and for her own personal enjoyment. Since everybody seems to be so interested in the footage, I was assuming that the creator or the person behind all of this would be someone like Bigend that was just using it as a way to make money. I like the fact that Nora doesn’t do this because the whole world is interested in it. This can be compared to a professional athlete that doesn’t play for the money, but instead does it for the pleasure of playing the game he loves. It seems as though Cayce has a connection with Nora because they have both lost their fathers. This can be a strong connection because a loss like that can really be tragic and they have both had to go through that.

In this section we also find more about Dorotea’s involvement with the Russians and that she is Mama Anarchia. I wasn’t sure which person she was on the forum, but I knew she was definitely a person on there since she is so involved with everything. After being such an antagonist with Cayce throughout the whole book, we finally start to see Dorotea help Cayce because it is in her best interest. I am interested to see how the relationship between Dorotea and Cayce plays out as the book comes to an end.

Photopia (Journal 10.2)

Photopia is a very interesting and unique game. You are in fact playing a game with only words/ commands and without and pictures or visuals. This is a totally different type of game than our society is used to because Xbox and Playstation are so popular, that it is essentially what we have become accustomed to. I think these types of games are good for the brain because they make you think strategically and it works on your problem solving skills. Many different times throughout this game I seemed stuck or confused on what I was supposed to do next so I needed to work backwards. While playing this game, you also learn how to explore things on your own. Many times when I was stuck I had to do a bunch of random different actions to get a better feel for the position I was in, and some of the next moves I could make. This game was rather challenging, and I’ll even admit after trying multiple moves and not having much luck, I had to use the “cheat page” to get help on my next move. Photopia is similar to a short story with many different paths and outcomes that you can come across, while it is also a puzzle because you’re trying to figure out the solution or purpose of the game. I had never heard or seen of games like this previous to this assignment, but I can definitely see what intrigues people in. I feel that games like this draw in the type of people who like doing crosswords and other mind- challenging games because they are the ones who love figuring out solutions to hard challenges.

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