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About Me


My full name is Regan Joseph Flaherty. I'm from Portland, Maine and proud of it! I am the youngest of three siblings. My older brother Ryan (23) also went to Vanderbilt, and my sister, Regina, graduated from the University of Maine. I am in my first year at Vanderbilt, and I'm undecided on my major as of now. I play on the baseball team and play 1st base and outfield. When I have free time I like playing cards, xbox and hanging out with friends. I listen to all types of music mostly country, rap and alternative. My goal here at Vanderbilt is to get a good education while improving everday in baseball so I can play professionally.

My Writing Career

In High School I had a lot of writing assignments on many different topics. Writing has never been one of my favorite things because it takes me a while to come up with exactly what I want to say. One of my better writing pieces was on a research paper about whether or not money can buy happiness. This was a paper we spent most of my senior year writing, and I think it was one of my stronger papers because I was interested in what I was writing about. I also have written a lot of other research papers along with essays, personal narratives, and short stories.

My Writing Strengths

My best writing usually comes when I'm writing about something I like or am interested in. This is because I like getting my ideas out on the topic and I can express my opinions. My grammar is usually one of my strong points, partialy because I revise my writing multiple times. I also usually stick to the point instead of going off on a tangent. A lot of the time I am good at relating my writing to real life situations which can be useful to the reader.

My Writing Weaknesses

I am the type of writer who has trouble starting papers because I don't put things down until it's perfect. Instead of getting down my ideas and not caring what the language is like, I end up waiting until I have the whole thing planned out. This causes me to take a very long time starting papers. When I write, I have a tenedency to not use rich vocabulary. This is something I'd like to improve on over the year.


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