Quotation Marks

Quotation Marks

A set of quotation marks is a punctuation tool used to express talking or speech. It also is used to make references to specific words, phrases, or sentences taken from another person or source. They can also be used to state titles, such as titles of newspapers or magazines. Quotation marks are also used for dialogue, such as the communication between characters in a novel.

When to use it
Quotation marks are used for various reasons. In essays, they are often used to quote another person's work or speech. They are also used to reference lines or sentences in books, stories, poems, etc. Whenever you need to show communication between people or characters (dialogue), you use quotation marks to separate speech between the people. Quotation marks are always needed when you have to state the title of a book, magazine, newspaper, etc.

How it can help your writing
Quotation marks can help your writing in many ways. The first advantage of quotation marks in writing is avoiding plagiarism. If you need to take a quote or idea from a certain source, you use quotation marks to avoid stealing someone's words or ideas. If you are simply paraphrasing, you use indirect quotation marks. You simply take words from a source and you paraphrase them, with no quotation marks. However, you do include the source. Quotation marks can also help you provide evidence. For an example, in an analytical novel essay, one might provide a quote from the novel. Providing quotes or bits and pieces from scenes from the novel can help back up one's thesis and aid in further analyzation. Quotation marks are always needed around titles. This definitely helps, especially when writing about a particular novel. Lastly, authors always use quotation marks in their novels. They are needed for communication between characters.

Examples of Correct Usage
Alex said that "The sky was dark and ominous."
Finally, we place gummy sea life creatures onto the "sand," such as whales, fish, and dolphins. <—- Commas go inside closing quotation marks.
"The Hustler" or "Writing with Style"

Examples of Incorrect Usage
Alex said that, the sky was "dark" and "ominous" < No comma after "that", and the whole phrase should be in quotation marks.
How long is this "cold and dreadful winter?" <—- Question mark is supposed to come after the quotation marks.

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