Political Obscurity

Political Obscurity

This is going to be where I working on letters to my congressmen back home before I send them out.

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Health Care

Bass Ackward thinking
Add 30 million people(don't have insurance currently - this is the big estimate that I am using for the sake of the argument, but excludes illegals for obvious reasons) to a finite number of doctors and then add more over the years as the baby boomers continue to have increasing health problems, and how do you cover everyone?

Well you could increase the number of doctors, but this has a few inherent flaws of its own. First, there are only so many positions for students in Medical Schools. This in itself is a problem because of the amount of money required to start a medical hospital and the fact that working as a teacher means that you are getting paid less than industry standard for a doctor. A second problem is linked to the fact that it costs an awful lot of money to go through medical school, with the average debt after school for a med student who went to a public medical school is about $100,000. On top of the money, there is deferred earnings, because of the amount of time that doctors have to go to school for. This creates a problem, because more and more doctors are opting to be specialists instead of primary physicians because of the wage difference. Also on the note of time is the fact that it takes at least four years after completing your undergraduate degree plus time spent working as an intern. This argument entirely skips the subject of cost, which basic economics teaches us that if the supply of doctors stays the same, but demand increases close to 12% in one day, quantity demanded would skyrocket having a multiplying effect on that 12% shortage in supply.

Free Market Ideas:
Pass a federal law that allows for a person in one state to buy a health insurance policy from another state. This will lower cost through creating competition, and create a gradual increase in health insurance via a percentage of Americans in a way that the economy can keep pace with. This would also make sure that private insurance companies weren't shut down by unfair competition by the 800 lbs guerrilla (government) and cause massive job loss in a time of already high unemployment.

Create federal laws that put a restriction on malpractice lawsuits. In doing this you would be protecting doctors from frivolous lawsuits of malpractice that commonly affect doctors, but allow for actual malpractice to be taken into account. (Fun fact, OBGYNs have the highest physician premiums, because women who lose there children through natural causes tend to want to blame someone, and the doctor is supposed to be able to fix everything, right?) This can be done also through limiting the amount of money that juries in malpractice lawsuits can award. In doing this, premiums on doctors would go down which would incentivize doctors to charge less money, because their costs are lower.

Pass a federal law that takes away requirements for health insurance. Basic economics states that the industry will sell what the consumer will buy. Pepsi does not sell grass flavored soda, because no one would buy it, in the same sense insurance companies wouldn't sell rip off plans, because the competition would offer something worth buying, and it is in a companies self interest to survive.

Create a federal tax law that allows for individuals to write off their health insurance as companies are allowed to. This might seem like it would take away tax dollars from the government, but it would increase the flow of money, because people would then spend that money stimulating the economy, i.e. shopping, going out to eat, investing, or paying off credit card debt.

These solutions do have one disadvantage, a person who does not work, will not be able to afford these benefits, not because of price but instead of a lack of income, but since when was America home of the free ride.

These reforms will help the middle class the most, and even allow illegal immigrants to afford health care through there own hard wages, by making health insurance cheaper.

These reforms are free and simple to understand, exactly what the country needs in this confusing times of rising unemployment and deficits.

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