Pattern Recognition 84-124 (Amy, Tina, Ah Jung)


While Cayce is having a breakfast with Voytek in nice French bistro, they talked about stegnography and watermark. And Cayce establishes the idea of, so that she indirectly asks about the possibility of watermark on Footage, and whether the watermark is detectable with technology. Then, Voytek introduces his friend “Hobbs” who might be capable of those things. Then Cayce meets Magda, the sister of Voytek who is fluent in English speaking. Later in a bar, Cayce and Magda talk with Magda who is a street fashion designer—the initial pattern recognitor of the fashion. Cayce tells about the possibility of some corporation purposefully distributing watermarked video clip; but Magda disagrees. Then Cayce gets Parkaboy’s e-mail about pope—or Vatican—is interested about Footage. Then she thinks about her personal disposition that hates domestication, and thinks about avoiding meeting with Bigend and Dorothea by means of lying her client. Then Cayce works on Heinzi’s revised design with Michelin Man. Then Cayce meets Boone Chu, Chinese American, whose meeting has been arranged by Bigend. Cayce doesn’t want to meet and talk to him at first because she thinks that this meeting is supposed to be artificially arranged by Bigend. Later, however, she finds out that Boone Chu is quite an interesting guy, so that she talks about Footage whether it is “Garage Kubrick” or “Spielberg’s Closet.” Then Cayce finds out that Dorothea might spying her through wiretapping device. Then they talks about the loneliness that people feel through Footage, and finds out there actually exists a watermark on Footage through the e-mail from Boone’s friend at Rice. And they decide to go to Japan to find out whether “Taki,” a sort of Otaku Japanese guy who mentioned that Footage has watermark on it, is saying the truth or just telling random lie.


Watermark (pg.84)- a pattern or image on paper that appears in various shades (both light and dark) when viewed by light or variations of thickness in the paper. 673px-50_euro_watermark.jpg
Glum (pg. 87)- dark, moody and melancholic.
Commodifier (pg.88)- the transformation of goods and services.
Subsidiary (pg.89)- a entity of company controlled by a more powerful entity. In this case, Blue Ant is the powerful company and Trans is the subsidiary.
Revenant (pg. 89)- returning after a long absence.
Doss house (pg.90)- a place that offers cheap lodging. draft_lens6979182module57141012photo_1252884698doss-house.jpg
Bulwark (pg.90)- a fence-like structure built around an area for defensive purposes. 52fwd_bulwark.jpg
Gentrification (pg. 90)-rennovating of run-down urban areas. gentrification.jpg
Acetylene (pg. 90)- a colorless flammable gas. The formula for this chemical compound is HC2H.
Semiotic (pg.91)- the study of signs and symbols through communication.
Tenement (pg.91)- just meeting minimal standards, run- down, cheap.
Chafing (pg.93)- irritation of the skin, soreness. chafing.jpg
Sphinx (pg. 96)- a position in yoga in which one is laying down on their stomach with their hands in front of them at a 90 degree angle. exercise_press_up_sphinx_position.jpg
Beseech (pg.96)- a similar yoga position to Sphinx, but with the palms facing up.
Russet (pg.97)- of a reddish/brown color. Russet_Officer_Shoes.jpg
Ratchet (pg.100)- progressively moving in one direction to a point.
Gimlet-eyed (pg. 105)- a strong and piercing look paul_newman_gimlet_eyed_225.jpg
Freelancer (pg. 105)- a person that works by the hour instead of on a salary.
Monetize- (pg.109)- to make into money.
Clout (pg.111)- an advantage.
Polyphonic (pg.111)- having two or more parts that are harmonically related.
Vicissitudes (pg.112)- succession from one part to the next.
Encryption (pg.113)- converting data or regular language into an extensive code.


In this part of the story, it goes more details about Cayce’s job talent. And they do find some sort of the clues about the footage. Now the author is clearly presented a well-round ads consultant to the readers. I also think with the new character Boone Chu’s appears, they will find out more about the footage.

The globalization is again being represented as a main theme. Take an example, Boone Chu is Chinese-American and Cayce and he are going to Japan to find out more about the watermark and the footage. As in the beginning of the story, the setting was in New York and then turns to be in London. Back to the logos and the footage, it also deals with the globalization. As Cayce indicates the cool thing "is about a group behavior pattern around a particular class of object", this group could be as large as the people around the world. And actually, this is their goals to promote the products to more people.

Another part in this section is that Dorotea was trying to get an idea that why Cayce work with Bigend. Is that because that maybe Cayce wants a higher position in the company or being Bigend’s girlfriend? As Cayce indicates she is working for him on a personal level and she do not feel comfortable about it. Actually, I think, the reason she is taking the job is because her attractive to the mystery of the footage and is some kind of related to her job as a fashion trend predictor.

With the story goes on, the big picture is become clearer. I am interested about what will happen next.

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