Pattern Recognition 42-83 (Mike, Nate)


As Cayce reminisces about her old life with Damien she is struck with the thoughts that there is actually someone in the house. She begins to find something to defend herself with as she walks up to Damien’s studio. She finally discovers that there is no one in the house and relaxes next to the phone. Being curious she presses the redial button to see whom Damien has been speaking to recently. No one picks up, but a familiar voice speaks on the answering machine. It was Dorotea. After remodeling Damien’s apartment for a bit she ponders on why Dorotea would be his last call. Still worried about the intruder, Cayce worked very hard on locking up every aspect of the apartment and then got a phone call from Stonestreet asking her to go out to dinner. She came up with every excuse in the book on why she could not go but his charm convinced her to join him. At dinner they talked about business and Dorotea came up in conversation and it seemed like a hostile vibe came across them as they spoke of Dorotea. They finished dinner and headed up to a cliff where they had a brief talk and then Cayce was dropped of at the apartment. She checked every booby trap left in the house and noticed that everything was left the same way she put it. She then sits down to check her e-mail and has an extensive e-mail from Damien. The e-mail consists of a lot but she feels that the Steganography was the most important. For some reason she falls asleep to this thought and can see a watermarking in the corner of her existance but she does not know what it is. The next morning she goes to breakfast where she sees the lead singer of BSE and she sits down with Voytek and asks him about watermarking.


Futon: A sofa that can also be converted into a bed: contains a mattress

Semiotically: to be observant of signs and significance; referring to Damien’s room

Mirror-world: a virtual world that imitates the physical world but has a virtual setting

"lisciate un messagio, rispondero appena possible": In Italian it roughly translates to, leave a message, I’ll answer as soon as possible

Victorian: relating to the values and morals in the period of Queen Victoria’s rule. >]]
Trestle: framework with horizontal beams that support two pairs of sloping legs

Residual- something that remains after the greater part has left

Orifice- an opening

Faberge eggs-one of the thousand of jeweled eggs made by house of Faberge made from 1885 through 1917
Prophylaxis- an action taken to prevent disease

Guerilla-a member of a small group who takes part in irregular fighting

Fimo boots- fashionable boots made by the brand Fimo

Niobium- a chemical element of atomic number 41

Wistfully- showing feeling of regret

Serotonin- a compound found in blood platelets

Enmity- a state of being hostile to someone or something

Ciborium- a receptacle shaped like a cup, used in the Christian Church
Florid- having a flushed complexion


Cayce is seeming to be a very paranoid and worrisome woman. She is worried because she is convinced that someone has broken into the house and looked at "Asian Sluts" on Damien's computer. While she is freaking out about the situation, she thinks about Win and the KGB. This is very interesting but some of the things she thinks of are completely irrelevant to the story. During this story there are many parts that seem very irrelevant to me. While she is on her car ride to dinner with stonestreet she is thinking and looking at surveillance cameras and the drivers type of earring. These points in the book cause me to lose focus and makes me very confused.

There seems to be an underlying connection between stonestreet, Bernard, and Dorotea. While at dinner Bernard and Dorotea come across the conversation. Stonestreet knows that there are some hostilities between the two of them and the conversation makes it seem like something will happen between these two in the future. I am curious to see whether the paranoia of Cayce will calm down later in the story because her character seems crazy because she is watching her back like everyone is out to get her. She is acting like she is in a dirty business but she has not been and it confuses my why she is so worried about everything.

I thought that the style of the novel could use some adjusting because I was constantly veering off and not wanting to read the book. It seems like he tries to get his point across about the plot too much and causes a lot of confusion for the readers. I feel that this so far has an interesting twist to it but does not keep readers into the story.

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