Pattern Recognition 289-328 (Amy, Aric, Natalie)


This section starts out with Cayce finding out Parkaboy's real name, Peter Gilbert (Thornton Vaseltarp?). Cayce gets Blue Ant to fly Peter to Moscow and a room at the Presdential Hotel, so that Cayce can explain the footage to him. Boone gets in contact with Cayce, but Cayce lies to him and tells him that she hasn't found anything and that she wants him to keep looking in Ohio. Cayce makes her way to a Russian coffee shop and meets Stella Volkova, the twin of the producer of the footage. They talk about Stella's family and how Stella's parents had died from a bomb explosion while they were leaving their grandmother's funeral. The bomb also did damage to Stella and her twin sister Nora, though Nora suffered some kind of brain damage. Cayce find's out that the footage is three seperate complete films that are being edited by Nora as a way of communicating with the world. The footage is the only thing that can hold Nora's interest without her being non-reactive. Nora was able to edit some of the footage down to a single image of a bird in flight, but out of focus, but Stella and Cayce do not know why Nora has done that because Nora cannot talk. We also find out that Stella's uncle is a very rich man in Russia and that they have to be protected and anonymous with the film so that people don't use them to get to him.

Cayce makes her way back to the hotel and finds an article that she wrote thinking that the footage might have been in Russia. Cayce proceeds to go workout, and is somehow comforted by the bigger man on the treadmill. Bigend calls Cayce and she lies to Bigend saying that she isn't going to Paris after all when she finds out that Bigend is in Paris, she quickly is able to get off the phone with him before he can get more suspicious. Cayce finally finds out from Damien that the pillar that is uncovered is a Nazi airplane buried into the ground in Russia, everything well preserved. Damien tell's Cayce of the savageness of the people, when they rip apart the dead pilot for a watch, gun, and compass and that Damien is creaped out that Marina was just laughing about the whole thing, making him sick. Cayce get's a call from Stella asking her if she still wants to meet Nora, which she does, and sent a driver who takes her to this old building with heavy metal doors. Cayce goes inside and sees that it is a Soviet era building and starts talking to Stella about the history of the place. Cayce then is ushered into a back room where she sees Nora working on the footage frame by framing editing expressions on this huge monitor. Cayce unable to complete understand everything leaves the room after three hours and talks more about the history of the building, and learns that the room Nora in has a view of the Kremlin from the windows, but the windows are painted black. Cayce thanks Stella for showing her everything, and decides to walk to the metro instead of take the driver. She rides on the trains for hours just going which ever way she feels, and makes her way to internet cafe where she, with some trouble, sends Peter a message telling him the email address of Stella. She makes her way back to the hotel where she gets her passport back after 10 minutes of waiting. At this point she runs into Dorotea and Dorotea tells her that she is Mama Anarchia and that she is working for Baranov. She also tells Cayce that she is in trouble, leads her to the bar, orders her a drink and ask Cayce how show got the email, before the effects of the drugs that were in Cayce's drink kicks in, Cayce only being able to scream.

Cayce wakes up strapped down on a bed wondering about her eye site remebering its connection to Russia. She is tilted up and sees food and some kind of liquid. The section ends.


Beelines (pg.294)- A direct route traveled quickly.
Brusquely (pg.294)- Abrupt or rough in manner.
Queried (pg.294)- A question or inquiry
Brocade (pg.294)- Woven with a raised design or pattern
Hyper-vigliant (pg.297)- Maintaining an unusual awareness of the environment
Acclaim (pg. 295)- To announce, enthusiastically
Apparat (pg. 297)- a power structure or organization, usually political
Euphemism (pg. 305)- An expression substituted for a phrase. Example: "passed away" is a euphemism for "died"
Ornate (pg. 305)- elaborately decorated
Proletariat (pg. 305)- the lower class, possessing nothing
Lank (pg. 311)- long and slender lank2.gif
Galvanized (pg. 311)- produced by an electric current
Scabrous (pg. 313)- having a rough surface Buchnera_americana_stem.jpg
Bisect (pg. 314)- to cut into 2 even parts
Crepuscular (pg. 316)- resembling twilight
Cyrillic (pg. 320)- a Greek script
Cosseting (pg. 321)- treating something or someone like a pet
Atavistic (pg. 322)- reversion into an earlier type
Taut (pg. 325)- tight or tense
Hegemonic (pg. 325)- showing leadership in order to achieve dominance
Spatial (pg. 328)- occurring in space or relating to space


In this section, we finally learn the identity of the creator of the footage. It actually turns out to be a joint effort, Nora invents the footage and Stella, Cayce's actual contact, posts the footage online. What's ironic about the footage is that Nora could care less about people seeing her work, she does it for her own personal enjoyment and it's her outlet to express her thoughts. Stella is responsible for posting the footage, her reason being that other people should see the art that comes from the mind of her twin sister. In Stella's eyes, the footage has brought the outside world to she and her sister, a world that they are so secluded from.

The sympathy that Cayce feels for Stella and Nora after she meets them and sees Nora work is very strong. After hearing their story and understanding why the footage is Nora's personal utopia, Cayce can't continue to work for Bigend. She feels such a strong connection with Stella and Nora that exposing them to global attention is out of the question.

This section also provides insight into Dorotea's more intricate involvement with the Russians who hired her. Her employer is Andrei Volkov, uncle and sole protector of Stella and Nora. Because of this, Dorotea now feels that helping Cayce is in her best interest. However, Dorotea's plans of action seem a bit sketchy. For example, drugging Cayce just to get her to cooperate seems a bit over the top.

I also find it interesting that despite Cayce's strong distrust and dislike for Dorotea, she chooses to ignore her better judgment and give into her curiosity by allowing Dorotea to attach the strings, making her Dorotea's newest puppet.

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