Pattern Recognition 248-288 (Cathy, Nate, Ah Jung)


Cayce and Ngemi went to Hobbs’s place by train. Cayce met Hobbs in his weird Gypsy place and she proposed a deal with Hobbs saying that she will get the antique calculator which he desperately wanted if he could, in return, get the information that Cayce wanted. Cayce showed Hobbs the Taki's T and told him that in order for this map to be encrypted, she needs to know who is behind Sigil (American firm). She was asking for the e-mail address to which the watermark code was sent. Hobbs said he’ll consider her offer.

On her train back , Cayce checked her e-mail from Hobbs saying, “Yes It ends in .ru” which means Russia. A Russian company was behind all this. Cayce and Ngemi went to Greenway’s shop to buy that antique calculator which Hobbs wanted. She paid by Blue Ant’s credit card and got the calculator. Immediately after Cayce and Ngemi bought the calculator, they went to see Hobbs. Hobbs gave Cayce a business card with “ur.zamra|ronallets#ur.zamra|ronallets” on the back.

After Cayce departed from Hobbs’s place, she sat in a park. She remembered how her father described London: black and colorless. Cayce started to write an e-mail in the style of writing that her therapist once requested. She wrote about her father’s absence and how she started to follow the footage. She wrote about her confusion. Cayce ended the e-mail by asking a series of questions about the footage. To her surprise, she inserted “ur.zamra|ronallets#ur.zamra|ronallets” in the address window after writing that e-mail. Cayce panicked after sending this e-mail to that Russian address and so she called Boon Chu. A woman picked up and Cayce was not happy about that. She then called Bigend and found out that Dorotea’s former Russian company was the registrant of Immediately after her phone call with Bigend, she received an reply from “ur.zamra|ronallets#ur.zamra|ronallets” saying that she is in Moscow and she also lost her father in a bomb. After reading that e-mail, Cayce decided to fly to Paris.

Cayce got her visa and ticket done quickly via Blue Ant. On her plane to Paris, she recalled the memories of her dad again. Pairs was the place that Cayce’s dad was always going. Cayce started to write an e-mail to her mom. She explained her job and why she did not write to her for such a long time. She also replied to Parkaboy and stellanor (telling her she is flying to Paris). Meanwhile, Cayce accidently found an old post which she posted on F:F:F a long time ago saying that the F:F:F could be controlled by a Russian company. Yet, she barely remembered writing this post. Cayce got on a taxi after landing. She observed the city on her way to the hotel. She checked in and turned on her iBook. Two e-mails: stellanor and Parkaboy. Stellanor gave Cayce the directions to the place where they’ll meet and told her to sit near the Fish. Parkaboy, on the other hand, updated Cayce about Judy and Darryl. Judy seemed to fell in love with Taki. Darryl found out that the mysterious T matched with the manual arming mechanism of the US Army’s M18A1 Claymore.


Gob (pg. 249)- amp of slimy substance

Formica (pg. 250)- plastic laminate used for counter tops

telage (page 253)- protection over someone; guardianship

Akin (pg. 258)-of similar character

DM shoes (pg. 258)- stands for the Dr. Martin brand

Savile Row (pg. 259)- a shopping street in central London
Provenance (pg. 259)- place of origin

Effrontery (pg. 260)- disrespectful behavior

Loupe (pg. 261)- small magnifying glass used by jewelers
Liminal (pg. 263)- Initial stage of a process

Nostalgia (pg. 271)- affection for the past

Narratology (pg. 270)- a branch of knowledge or criticism


This part of reading, indeed, contains many interesting points. And it is getting closer to the climax of this novel. Finally Cayce reaches really close to the creator of Footage’s, and he is actually reachable and contactable—pretty awesome and eye-catching.

One of the parts that I feel interesting is that Cayce’s father, who is gone during 9.11, actually connected to the maker—or led to the maker—of the footage by the common denominator of Russia. Russia stands for the converging point for other thing that has been provided on the other sections of novel. It connects to the some unknown information selling/buying Russian guy who gets Cayce’s information through espionage of Dorothea. Russia virtually seems like the place where everything has been originated.

Also, in this section of reading, I think we need to pay attention to the color, the rusty(or reddish) brown, because this color appears especially often. For example, the color of Hobbs’ gun, color of the pen that Hobbs uses to write down “ur.zamra|ronallets#ur.zamra|ronallets” note was also rust-colored, and there are so many brown-colored places in Russia.

And personally, I think the part describes the part that Cayce is writing an e-mail to maker of footage was interesting. The author mentioned about the Peter Pan and rabbit statue. Peter pan is the one who always remaining as a youth and thus, innocent. According to Cayce’s letter, she is indeed possesses sheer curiosity toward the maker himself—not by means of hired agent of Bigend, nor the representative of her friends such as Parkaboy. She asks question innocently like a kid and as much enthusiastic as Peter Pan does. And the polished-eared rabbit statue indicates how much Cayce wants to hear from the maker.

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