Pattern Recognition 125-166 (Natalie, Aric)


Cayce on her first class flight, courtesy of Blue Ant’s penny, flips through her first comment on the forum as Cayce, remembering that she had to change her name to CayceP knowing that there was another Cayce in Wichita, wanting to avoid confusion. Cayce finds herself running into Billy Prion and the lead singer of Velcro Kitty in first class with her, sparking her to think about paranoia, and decides to leave the encounter as something of chance, because every conspiracy theory is egocentric, as her father Win would say.

She lands in Tokyo, making her way to Park Hyatt Tokyo, a luxurious Japanese hotel modeled after the British, with what Cayce describes as white glove service. She is guided through the process of checking in, and is shown her room. She leaves the hotel and wanders around Tokyo on foot until she runs into Japan’s Sleepless Castle, a mixture of human sexuality and industrial production. She gets lost and sees the mysterious scooter rider, before making her way out of the Sleepless Castle. She finds out that Billy Prion is there advertising Bikkle, resolving her conspiracy notions.

Cayce then starts to remember her father’s mysterious disappearance on September 11, 2001 from a New York City hotel. The entire event is in a bit of mystery because her father was supposedly there on business, but his actions and non-communication with his office indicates that he had a different reason to be in NYC. Cayce recalls the event of the terrorist attacks, with a seemingly monotone pitch. She was on her way to a hotel to meet with a designer wanting her opinion, and is so worried about the time, doesn’t even register the event until after she makes her way to the designer’s room and sees the event on CNN. Cayce, flashes back to Tokyo, and is contemplating soul delay back in her room.

As she plans everything with Parkaboy, she decideds to see what exactly she can get with Blue Ant’s resources, and finds out that her request don’t have to make any particular sense. She first request a new Buzz Rickson MA-1, a seemingly impossible thing for her to imagine that they will beable to find, but Jennifer Brossard suggest as no problem. Cayce then decides she needs a haircut and ends up getting an entire spa experience, one which they don’t charge her when she shows them her Blue Ant credit card, giving the idea that Blue Ant might own them. Cayce makes her way to a Japanese version of Starbucks, orders, goes up stairs, and reads her email, finding out that she is going to be playing the role of a teacher at Keiko’s school, and that she will be basically be trading the made up photo for the watermark number. Meanwhile she notices a silver scooter and praises the rider’s military jacket, before leaving because of the smoke and people staring.

Cayce makes her way to the whole in the wall red lantern bar. After a series of awkward moments of praising Keiko, Cayce manages to get the number in exchange for the picture. She excuses herself to the bathroom, rights the number on her hand, and leaves the bar when Taki was no longer there. As she is leaving, two guys try to mug her in a failed attempt due to her self-defense training that she is glad her father made her learn from a friend named Bunny. She fights off both attackers before running, and being taken away from the scene by the mysterious scooter guy, who turns out to be Boone Chu. Cayce and Boone make their escape before sending two people Boone hired to dress like them and see if they could find out who the attackers are. Boone explains to Cayce that he is there to protect her from Italians that had followed them back in London. Boone tells Cayce that her laptop needs to be checked before she uses it again, suspecting that it is hacked.


  • tartan blanket p.125- Plaid patterned blanket. Tartan originated in Scotland.
  • anomaly p.126- A strange or unusual occurrence.
  • apophenia p.127- Seeing patterns or connections in random data.
  • kanji p.129- Chinese characters used in the Japanese logographic writing system.
  • crepuscular p.129- Describes things that are mainly active during twilight.
  • Hitachi p.130- Japanese high-technology corporation.
  • Bikkle p.136- Yogurt based Japanese drink.
  • Tuborg p.138- Danish brewing Company.
  • RAF roundel p.147- Royal Air Force roundel. Identification mark placed on aircraft.
  • Kogepan p.148- Japanese character found in anime, toys, and books. Also produced Hello Kitty.
  • noren p.152- Japanes fabric dividers that are hung between rooms, on doorways, or in windows.
  • Casters p.155- Brand of cigarettes.
  • SAS p. 158- Special Air Service. Special forces unit of the British army.


In this part of the story we start to learn a little bit about Blue Ant. In Japan, Blue Ant arranges everything for Cayce, and even manages to get Cayce spa treatment at no charge with the employees just knowing that Blue Ant was the one paying for it. Blue Ant also allows Cayce free range over her budget with getting the jacket, implying that they might be better funded then Cayce had ever initially thought.

We also learn more of Cayce’s father Win’s background. He has a buddy in the army special forces and worked as a crowd control consultant before going missing, presumably dead, on September 11, 2001. I suspect that Win was meeting with someone that he didn’t want his family to know about, which could be a mistress or some kind of friend he would have had, if he had a job that he couldn’t tell his family about.

The Italians are an interesting twist on things, because they seem to know that Cayce is looking for the number and attempt to steal the lap top right after she would have received it. I also think that the napkin that Cayce had written on and left in the bathroom was probably found by the Italians, but some of the numbers are probably to blurred to know the whole set of numbers.

Boone Chu reminds me of a fixer. He knows how to get things done with a computer, but from his execution of the getaway, it seems to imply that he knows a little bit about tactical options. This is seen in the fact that he knows exactly where to go, has people ready to go back and search the site dressed up as them. However, I will say that this could also be all thought out ahead of time to make it look like Chu is the hero, when in fact he might have made it all up so that he can get info and hack Cayce’s computer.

It is also peculiar that Japanese logos don’t have that bad of an effect on her, even the Hello Kitty stuff that seems to be mass produced, and to the average person would seem overused.

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