Nathan's First Paper

Rough Draft

Rough Draft

Before class we check the Internet to inform ourselves about the day ahead. During class we browse the Internet for information to assist us on our assignments. After class the Internet can be used for entertainment in various ways. we use the Internet as a source of entertainment. Whether we realize it or not, the Internet has become a very vital part in a student's daily routine. As we use the Internet frequently, both in and out of class, it's hard for us to actually realize that it has become a very vital part in our daily routine. Many of us would not be able to function without it. Is that a problem? Is Google (the Internet) in fact making us stupid? The Advancements in technology have made the internet so accessible and so easy to use that it from now on it will always be used by students in some way or another. Over the years the Internet has become a student’s best source for obtaining knowledge. Universities across the nation must realize that it is necessary to expand the use of the Internet in classrooms in order to maximize the student's potential. Since you talk about some negative effects of the Internet throughout your paper, you should mention something about it in your thesis too. Ex: "Although there are some minor disadvantages and flaws to the Internet, overall it is essential in order to maximize a student's potential and it is necessary for universities to expand this great tool."

People argue that the Internet is considered more of a hindrance in the learning environment rather than a useful tool. They do not realize that the Internet benefits students in so many ways. It provides them with a countless amount of knowledge right at their fingertips. Include some examples here, such as Google.It is understandable why people would consider it a distraction in the classroom due to Facebook and many other online activities that interest students, but do they not have the choice to use the Internet to their advantage?** <— Awkward sentence/question… reword** A student could just as easily bring a Sudoku book and distract him themselves with that as well. If you don't let it become a distraction it wont be. become one.

An unknown author once stated, "a journey from a thousand sites begins with one single click." The Internet has evolved to the point where you can basically type in any subject on a search engine and in a matter of seconds you will be given numerous amounts of links and websites about it. Put a transition between these two sentences… such as "On top of these numerous websites full of information, the Internet also provides convenience and ease." Students no longer have to haul themselves to a library to research, but they are able to do their research at the convenience of their own home. When speaking of the Internet, convenience is probably the word that will always come to mind. The Internet could can also be linked to a famous saying in many Geico commercials, “so easy a caveman could do it.” My jaw dropped when I saw my 5-year-old cousin surfing the Internet as if it was an everyday thing. affair.

Being able to communicate to professors on a regular basis is very important essential in being a successful student. Universities have found ways to set email accounts for every staff and faculty all students and faculty. in the whole school. This use of the Internet enables students and their teachers to communicate in the most efficient way possible. Professors are able to post the assignments and make and changes if needed. The job of a student is to know what is going on in the classroom, and the Internet allows them to do so.

A student in a university University students must be aware of his or her grade at all times. It is nice to know, but students would survive without knowing.No longer do they can they fail a class and not have to pay a consequence for it. A high school student might have to take that class over again. or in the end stay back , but However, a college student may lose thousands of dollars. With the grading systems that colleges have created, it is mandatory that a student have some access to the Internet. The old grading system where the teachers keep record of the grades in a grade book is history. For people to argue that there should not be any Internet on college campus is ludicrous. How would students survive without the Internet with a system that calls for it everyday? This paragraph is a little unclear… you should either re-word it or make a new argument. "students must be aware of his or her grade at all times" isn't necessarily true. It's just nice for students to have the ability to be aware.

The Internet’s main use is usually for its resources. There is no other tool that will be able to give you a various amount of resources in such a short amount of time. From being able to download an entire book onto your IPod to having a complete dictionary on your computer, the Internet assists a student tremendously. In this paragraph, mention more examples of resources on the Internet
Spilt paragraph, because you are now mentioning some negative effects of the Internet and its resources.Although this the Internet as a source of information is a great tool, students also must be aware of faulty information as well. There are certain resources that can be altered by a user, such as "Wikipedia." (Wikipedia). Knowing which sites are reliable is very important, as unreliable websites may hinder one's grade. because it may decrease your grade. Having a plethora of resources could potentially hurt one's grade as well. may also be considered a bad thing. Plagiarism often takes place is used a lot through the Internet and *it** is taken very seriously in universities. a very serious offense in universities. However,Although professors are able to track any kind of plagiarism through programs provided by the Internet.(provided by the Internet) that can tell how much of a paper was plagiarized of if it wasn’t the students paper at all. Join this paragraph and the next paragraph beginning with "There are many professors…" because they are both talking about negative effects.There are many professors who have a “no laptop” policy due to the possibilities of being distracted distraction and getting off task. If there was someway to be able to monitor every student to prevent them from straying off topic, I believe the Internet in classrooms would be a major learning tool. There are many instances where a student has no idea what their professor is talking about. If they were able to use Now, they can use the Internet to quickly refresh themselves about that topic, it would assist them without a doubt. change to "and it it will, without a doubt, assist them." Maybe explain where they can get this information on the topic.

The Internet is very powerful tool and can be used to benefit the student. The bottom line is that the student must be responsible. Using the Internet the right way will not only increase your grade, but will allow you to expand your knowledge as well. A university that can maximize the use of the World Wide Web in the classroom will be able to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Overall, it is a great paper with some really interesting and useful facts. You should add more examples of what the Internet can do and what it presents to a university in specific. Some examples are OAK, email notifications from the school, educational websites, wiki pages, etc. Some sentences are unclear too. Transitions are also needed in between many sentences to make your paper flow better. For example "This use of the Internet enables students and their teachers to communicate in the most efficient way possible. Professors are able to post the assignments and make and changes if needed." These two sentences have two different ideas, so you should add a transition in between them. You are off to a great start and with some more specific examples, self-experiences, re-wording/structuring, you should do really well!

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