Nathan Gonzalez

About Me


My full name is Nathan Samuel Gonzalez and this is my first year attending Vanderbilt University. In my lifetime so far I have had a pretty successful career playing baseball which has helped me earn a spot on the Vanderbilt baseball team. I am very excited about contributing to the team during this 2009- 2010 season.
I was born in Norwich, Connecticut on January 1, 1991 to my parents Jose and Jackeline Gonzalez. I am the oldest of two siblings and my brother's name is Nicholas. I am looking forward to getting a great education here at Vanderbilt and moving forward in my baseball career after college.
God bless :)

My Writing Career

So far as a writer I haven't had any amazing pieces of work which I am extremely proud of. Although, I believe my best work as a writer came in my middle school years where we had standardized tests every year, in which there was a writing portion. I was at the top of my class every year when the results cam out. My worst writings in my opinion would be during the writing portions on the SAT. I just couldn't get a feel on the topics. I am looking forward for this english class and many more during my college career to better myself as a writer .

My Writing Strengths

During my high school years on of my writing strengths that was that I stayed on topic pretty well. I rarely strayed away from the topic. Another strength of mine I believe was to be able to relate to the reader. Lastly, I would review my writings pretty well so I wouldn't have too many errors.

My Writing Weaknesses

The hardest thing in writing a paper would definitely be starting a paper. It would take me forever to find a start to a paper that I thought was sufficient. Secondly, I would love to utilize my vocabulary a lot more. I strive to use vivid language in my writings. Lastly, I would like to add more length to my writings. I believe at times I would settle and not put as much into my writing as I would have liked to.


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