Nate's Second Paper Draft

In the novel, “Pattern Recognition”, William Gibson depicts an ever-changing environment in which the rapid flow of information results in the loss of individuality and concrete reality. Gibson explores these concepts primarily through the novel’s protagonist Cayce, who struggles with forming her own identity, an effect of the more emphasized wholistic perception of the world. These notions tie into the novels generally ambiguous structure, as things are usually not what they seem.
“She has never looked down the barrel of a gun before, and this one seems to have very little left to look down.” (Page 248) In her life, Cayce has never had to deal with the amount of struggle that she has encountered in this section of the book. She has come a long way from being a normal ad consultant to a woman who is constantly being “burgled, followed, assaulted with intent to rob.”(Page 203) It seems that her life has become more of a mystery novel rather than her actually life. Nevertheless, Cayce deals with the adversity in the best possible way that she can.
Smoke and debris spread everywhere as people from the 9/11 attack scattered on the streets of New York. I will never forget the faces of the people on that television screen, let alone the feeling I had in my stomach when my perception of my “perfect world” had turned upside down. One single experience, such as 9/11, can change the means in which someone perceives the world. In my own experience, as a young kid in grade school so many different thoughts and scenarios crossed my mind. I ultimately believed that it was the end of the world. Cayce’s world began to change when her father mysteriously disappeared during the disaster in New York on September 11th. This is another example of how Cayce’s world had turned in a different direction. Since “his reason or reasons for being there remained a mystery” (Page 137), Cayce couldn’t help but have an assortment of questions she pondered about. Even though the relationship of Cayce and Win was never equivalent to the “normal father-daughter relationship” she obviously must have been flustered to find out that her biological father had been a victim of a tragic accident for no apparent reason.
Globalization can be considered one of the most prevalent topics in “Pattern Recognition” due to the fact that advertising is one of the main themes of the novel. Globalization in the world can be considered more of a negative rather than a positive. Since globalization deals with corporations controlling a large part of many industries, in which many industries depend on each other tremendously. Due to this interdependence there is quite a lack of uniqueness. As an ad consultant Cayce knows when an ad or ad agency lacks a sense of authenticity.
In “Pattern Recognition”, Cayce refers to Tommy Hilfiger “null point, the black hole” of advertising. (Page 18) Just the sight of logos makes her sick due to the lack of individuality. Everywhere we go we are introduced to a “new” idea or object that is supposed to be the next best thing, but the argument that Cayce poses is that many of the ideas that are being presented have been revealed previously. This truly bothers Cayce as she states that, “she needs to get out of this logo-maze, desperately.” (Page 18)Authenticity is definitely something that we lack as a society, whether it is any form of art. Music often comes to mind as something that lacks authenticity at times. Others have used many rhythms or styles many times before. Cayce is constantly searching for something that is authentic, which is very valuable in the work that she does. Although, being in such a position of power she can seriously impact the lives and ideas of the people of logo companies just by simply approving or disapproving logo ideas.
Cayce’s view of the future seems to be very vague ever since the incident with her father in the tragic accident of 9/11. This terrible disaster that was completely spontaneous and was a total revelation to everyone. At times we might think we have everything planned out to a tee, but then something comes along and disrupts all our vies of what the future may contain. Cayce never would have thought that she would be in so much danger just by trying to find the maker of an anonymous forum.

*unclear thesis
and need a conclusion paragraph

Aric's thoughts:
Stylistically there is a little bit of a problem in flow. All the points are hit from the introduction, but they are not being connected to each other as the essay goes on. Also the references to life changing events are just put out there, but are not connected to each other or to the rest of the ideas. There are no major grammar or spelling errors(Maybe underlining pattern recognition instead of putting it in quotes). There needs to be more quotes from the story, with many of the paragraphs lacking evidence to make your point. The stuff about 9/11 is a little generic and seems to be just thrown into the middle of the essay without fitting it into the rest of your evidence. Also I would consider not leading a paragraph with a quote, but instead putting your idea out there and then following it with a quote as evidence. The 'gun-life' changing is a good example and you could probably talk about how the book has gone from plausible to way to crazy to even be semi-possible. Talk more about what happens to people when they get this life changing experience and talk about different kinds of people, those that change and do not change from the same or different experiences.

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