Nate S Journal 2

Roger Ebert may have a sense of over confidence or cockiness when he talks about his knowledge about movies in his journal, "The Plague of Movie Trivia", but i totally agree where he is coming from. So many people get caught up in the little well known facts about movies, but don't take the time to learn the history of film and how it became what it is today. Obviously, someone who takes pride in having an abundance of knowledge over movies, Ebert would feel offended because somebody believes they are smarter just because they knew a useless piece of information on a random movie.

Ebert talks about the differences between a movie trivia show and a movie quiz show. He states that shows such as Wheel of Fortune, have stayed on the air so long is because people believe that they truly know the answer. Ebert says, that any one can fill in the blanks and feel like they know the answer. I totally agree with this point! There are not many people who truly know the ins and outs of movies and what they are truly about. Lastly, I believe the last point that Ebert made was crucial. He used a excerpt that stated, "The fatal flaw in the concept of trivia is that it mistakes information for knowledge". To have true knowledge over a certain subject is truly something that is valued.

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