Nate's Journal

After a long day of practice all I can think about is putting something in my stomach. I always attempt to eat the best that I can, but at times I end up on the “sea food diet”; meaning whatever I see I eat. I don’t have the privilege of dining out and eating delicious cuisine so most of the time I eat at the famous McGugin Center. The wonderful world of all you can eat food for Vanderbilt’s athletes. The most recent thing I have eaten from McGuges (as many of the athletes call it) may be considered a very diverse plate. I am not afraid to sample different things and have a mixed variety on my plate.

Today I tried something that I usually only eat once a year, TURKEY. Biting into that turkey made me miss my mother’s home cooked meals even more. I don’t complain about what I eat usually, but it was very dry and lacked moisture. The next thing I looked to add to my plate was Italian food. The linguini and ravioli looked very appealing to my eye even though it was cafeteria food. To my surprise it was as good as it looked. In my opinion I have never eating pasta in a cafeteria that was somewhat restaurant material. Every time I have eaten pasta from a cafeteria it has always lacked taste and seemed like they microwave the food from those cartons you buy at Wal-Mart. Needless to say, I had mixed feelings about the food today, but I can’t complain because many schools do not come close to quality of food that Vanderbilt serves its students.

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