Natalie Williams

About Me


My full name is Natalie Alyse Williams and I'm from West Memphis, Arkansas. I am the youngest of three. My older brother graduated from the University of Arkansas, and my sister recently graduated from Arkansas State University and is now working on her masters. I am in my freshman year here at Vandy and I have not decided on a major yet. I love listening to all types of music, meeting new people, and spending time with friends. My goal here at Vanderbilt is to get a great education, while expanding my social network.

My Writing Career

In high school, I was assigned various types of writing assignments ranging from essays, to research papers, to short narratives. My favorite writings were those focused on personal experiences because they allowed me to express my thoughts completely and clearly. My best paper was about my psychological growth throughout high school. Not only was I able to demonstrate my skills as a writer, but I was also able to see myself in a different light as I read the finished product.

My Writing Strengths

In many of my writings, I use personal anecdotes, quotes, and, occasionally, observations of situations that are relevant to a particular topic.

My Writing Weaknesses

In most cases, I have the most trouble creating smooth transitions from one idea to the next, being too brief in my explanations of certain topics, and concluding a paper successfully.


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Natalie's First Paper

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Natalie's Final Paper

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