Natalie's Paper 1 Notepad

Possible thesis

Like myself, most college students spend several hours of their day on the Internet, whether it is for class, social interaction, or entertainment; therefore, Internet access should be expanded to cover a wider range of campus, providing greater accessibility to students.

Advantages of the Internet

  • Convenient/time saving
  • Fast, but mostly accurate
  • Wide variety of information (Google)
  • Promotes technological advances
  • Easy to use
  • Social interaction/networking (Twitter, Facebook)


  • Can find false information (Wikipedia)
  • Increases the temptation of plagiarism
  • Online social networking is decreasing the use of formal language
  • Incorrect grammatical usage (their, there, they’re; its, it’s)
  • Abbreviated words (text talk: lol, u, ur, 2)
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