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About Me


My full name is Michael Andrew Yastrzemski. I am from Andover, MA. As of now I am an undecided major at Vanderbilt University but would like to major in communications. While at home I like to hang out with friends, listen to music, surf, and play baseball. Before I graduate college I would like to go skydiving. For some reason I have always wanted to do it but have never really had the time so hopefully I will get some time this summer. I was originally born in Florida and I moved to MA when I was five years old and of course was not happy about leaving the beautiful weather for constant cold weather. But over the years I began to fall in love with the snow and will certainly miss the long winters.

My Writing Career

As for my writing career, it has all come from class assignments. I have never done any writing on my own for fun. But several times I have had to write both fiction and nonfiction. I would much rather write fiction because I enjoy using my imagination to create stories that I wish would really happen. I hate to write about my self like a biography or anything along those line. But I like to write about other people giving me an in depth perspective of their life.

My Writing Strengths

The things that have worked for me in the past are brainstorming a very brief idea and then expanding on it little by little, using a web to keep my thoughts organized, and sitting down to write aimlessly for an hour to see where it takes me. This usually helps just to gain confidence in the topic I am writing about.

My Writing Weaknesses

I have a very hard time coming up with more that three or four reasons to support my topic. I would also like some help before the end of this semester learning how to start and end my papers better. It has been a constant struggle of mine to start off well and then fade off because I don't know how to keep the readers focus.


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