Mike's Second Paper Draft

The novel Pattern Recognition associates elements of the world that are both old and new to me. The message that lies within Pattern Recognition has much to do with the fact that the world is changing and we are becoming more of a united world than separate countries. For years it seemed that countries occupations were very secluded to just that one country. Now people are having trouble figuring out how to escape the grasp that the world’s large corporations hold. Cayce shows this with her logo and advertisement consulting. She has this sixth sense towards logos that give her either a good or bad vibe. Cayce always tries to avoid the norm and keep her originality in tact with the Rickson Jacket. The main way that Cayce has begun her transition to this lifestyle has to do with the disappearance of her father during the 9/11 attacks. Her adjustment to living life without her father seems to be the FFF. The FFF starts the whole change to a globalized world. The final step to her new life is her assignment from Bigend to find out who the maker of the FFF is. By traveling through several different countries Cayce has seen different cultures and knows how other countries operate. Through this process, Cayce learns how the world is slowly becoming linked.

During the September 11 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City Cayce’s father was in a cab and the cab driver along with Cayce’s father are still missing. Cayce assumes that this means that he is dead but I believe that he really is not dead even though there is no conclusion to this question. FIND QUOTE WHERE WINN TALKS TO HER IN DREAM. In this quote it shows that Cayce is dreaming of her father talking to her. I feel that this shows how Cayce still could have a hope at finding her father if she put in the effort that she is putting in to find the maker of the footage. The strange thing about Cayce is that she refers to her father by his first name, Winn. She refers to him in this sense to ease her pain of losing him. If she makes it feel like they had a very impersonal relationship then it may hurt less living without him. There is a strong connection between Winn and the Twin Towers. The fall of the Twin Towers put the United States in frenzy and caused several governmental changes along with speculations around the world. With the fall of Winn, Cayce’s life has been completely changed and all of a sudden being a logo and add consultant deals with traveling to other countries with the possibility of being mugged my Italian men. Through the connection between Winn and the Twin Towers, Cayce’s life has forever changed.

Cayce has lost her father and it has affected her in a very strong way. She however does have a coping mechanism that allows her to be free of all of her worries and enjoy her time, and that is the FFF:
“While everyone else is still trembling over The Kiss, as ever #135 will surely be known, Mushai and I have lit out for the territories. I don’t know whether you are following F;F;F or earning what passes for your living, but everyone is mad for #135, no end in sight, and I suppose you know about CNN?” (pg. 76)
By watching the FFF Cayce can find new people that she has much to relate to. Emotions fly through the chats like it is nothing and in some cases the arguments get very intense. The loss of a loved one can do this to people. When I say “this” I mean the fact that all humans have the desire to connect with other humans. After feeling this connection through the Internet, Cayce finally feels a sense of belonging when she meets Norah, the maker of the footage. Cayce bursts into tears as the reader can see she has finally made a real connection since her fathers’ disappearance. It is here that Cayce has a strong sense of individuality.

“Or is it, she considers, simply that the world had gone in such a different direction, in the instant of having seen that petal drop, that nothing really is the same now, and that her expectations of the parameters of how life should feel are simply that, expectations, and increasingly out of line the further she gets from that window in the SoHo Grand” (pg. 203). The most unique part of Cayce is her allergic reaction to products that are mass-produced or not distinguished. Many cultures are beginning to collide as companies like Nike begin to find out that it is very cheap to produce products in other countries. These corporations have been turning cities that were once unique into the same city over and over again. In London, England where the novel begins there is a monarchy, and it is a place that everyone thinks of as old fashioned. In Tokyo it is the complete opposite; everyone thinks about technology when Tokyo is mentioned. In Moscow, it is thought of as very cold and communism is still in everyone’s head here. But in all of these cities that are across an immense amount of distance, Cayce still finds a homogeneous feeling. Globalization takes away the greatest part about being a human, and that is that we are all different.

While the world is slowly changing there is one person who still tries to keep her originality, Cayce. Her strong reactions to adds and logos shows that she does not want to conform to buying products that are mass produced from large corporations. Her father’s disappearance has helped her keep on this track as she has found the FFF through it. Her need to have a strong relationship with other human beings is all done through technology at this point. She has built strong relationships with the members of FFF like Parkaboy. She shows the readers how important it is to have a human connection when she begins to start crying hysterically when she meets Norah. As much as Cayce does not want to conform to the happenings of Globalizations, they are inevitable. She will not be able to stay away from corporations forever. Through all of her problems, Cayce learned a valuable lesson and has finally learned to deal with the disappearance of her father.

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