Mike's Journal

Journal 1.2


Over the last several decades, golf has been known as the business mans sport. Since it is a business sport the majority of men who play the sport are white. It proves to be extremely ironic that the world’s best golfer is a half black half Asian man who over and over again dominates all competition. Yes its true, we all strive to have a quarter of the success that Tiger Woods has had. The social sport often turns bad when clients and their employers begin to drink while playing. This takes their already brutal golf game to an all-new low. Once this happens everything falls apart. Clubs get broken, f-bombs fly, and the cart driving becomes extremely dangerous. This in its entirety is what attracts so many people to this sport, which is supposed to be a nice relaxing day away from your wife, mother, or sister.

The struggle to become a successful businessman has ultimately turned to the golf course for help. Now children start playing golf at a very young age and if you ask them why they like playing golf, a common answer is "my dad wants me to be able to play with business partners". It is an on going struggle that follows in the shadow of the businessman that will haunt them all in their sleep. I have had this experience myself. I play golf for fun with some friends and just as it begins to get fun, one shot turns everything around and people are ducking from flying clubs. Regardless of the age, or experience golf has proven to be a strong assistant to the ultimate businessman.

Journal 2.2


Although I am no movie expert I have seen my fair share of movies and clearly one of the most intriguing movies was The Shawshank Redemption. This is the tale of a man named Andy Duffrane who is wrongly accused of murdering his wife. He is sentenced to 20 years in prison. This could not have worked out any better for him. In his 20 years of prison he had managed to make friends with connections, gain the warden's trust enough to do his taxes, and build a library when there was not one. Over the course of these 20 years Andy has been digging a tunnel and planing his escape from the jail. He is successful and manages to make it all the way to Mexico.

This tale not only is motivational to show that no matter what life hands you, there is something good that can be made of it. Through this message comes many theoretical and philosophical problems and solutions. The courage and wit of Andy Duffrane played by Tim Robins shows this message very clearly. The strong point of this movie was the use of its main characters. Here are a bunch of criminals helping out a man that they all know is really innocent. It seems a little strange that this would happen but the chemistry shown by the cast brings forth a convincing "based on a true story" feel. The acceptance of this man brought forth all of the good qualities that he could not let out in his up tight work of tax write ups. Once in jail, his real character shows when he does only extremely good things for his new found friends and those who are in the same position as him. In the end he is strongly rewarded with his escape.

Journal 3.2

To many, the story begins as a ball of confusion. As the story progresses certain sentences give off clues as to what is going on. The main confusion comes from the fact that the asian man understands German. and is a German Spy. As of now I am still confused about why he is a spy for the Germans. "The Garden of Forking Paths" causes a lot of deep thought in its own labyrinth. This mysterious story has some very deep thoughts concerning time and how the decisions we make can ultimately interweave with each-other. The characters decisons in the story are the beginning of it. His decision to be a spy remains a mystery and always will. I enjoyed the twists and turns that the story took however. From the train ride away from the General to meeting Stephen Albert, there is always something new to be pondered upon.

In the commentary time is talked about. Time is such a hard concept to grab a hold of once you start to analyze it. The fact that time will always be around blows my mind. But along with time is the discussion of how our decisions will constantly intervene and cross each other. The commentary states "In this ending, as Albert predicts, Yu Tsun comes as an enemy; in another he would come as a friend." This shows how each and every decision that we make can alter our future. One day we could decide to play the lottery just for fun and become a millionaire. From there life could be everything that you ever dreamed; Life could also turn into your worst nightmare just as quickly. Through each decision comes several different outcomes and through each new decison comes the chance that we could cross back into the outcome of the other path just like a fork. During the story this concept becomes more understandable and brings a thrilling conflict and resolution to life.

Journal 4.2

Darting and dashing through the tree line I could feel Shamus gaining his ground on me. I pushed my horse as hard as I could but he could not take it much longer, and I could feel my life begin to end. The crack of his whip grew closer and closer as my old faithful began to run out of strength. Realizing that our time together will now end I sent him running as I dismounted him mid stride while out of sight. I sat behind the thick brush underneath a willow tree and waited for my enemy to approach. But I could not hear him coming anymore. Did he lose track of me? Did I loose the scroll? I quickly checked my sachel for the ancient scroll and to my luck, it was still there. The ancient scroll of Windor holds the power to control minds, and if it got into the hands of Shamus, our world is doomed. His intent to control the world for him amusement makes me cringe. There is only one way to destroy the scroll, the warlock's staff. His staff has the only power in this world that can overcome the scroll.

Thank god I lost him. As I crept slowly through the woods towards the Warlocks house I thought, wow did I get myself into an awful situation or what? My quest for the scroll was where I went wrong. My selfishness to be the hero may not have been the best idea, but hey, I'm still alive. Over coming the obstacles through the cave of death was not hard at all, but retrieving the scroll was extremely nerve racking. The shaking of the ground is what caused my concern most, and after my dead sprint out of the cave I was comfortable until meeting Shamus, the dark lord.

A crackling branch startled me. It was a very disturbed man who had the look of death on his face. His name was Dustin. I asked him what was wrong and he explained that Shamus has been circling the Warlocks house trying to break in to kill the Warlock. So my genius plan was formed. The hidden underground entrance was only accessible by getting passed the area of Shamus. He began to distract Shamus but he caught a glimpse of me. He began to charge and I could tell this was the end. In the background I heard a heavy gallop and it was my old faithful whom I thought I would never see again. My face lit up with joy. With courage he stood in front of me. I darted for the door as Shamus took down my old faithful. My heart felt like it had exploded and I fell to my knees as the door opened. After the scroll was destroyed I laid in agony next to my old faithful one last time.

Journal 5.2

Going into this website I had no idea what to expect. Once I saw the words New Orleans, Katrina instantly came to my mind before I even saw it on the page. Just from that original thought it shows how much of an impact Katrina had on the entire world not just the area of New Orleans. The set up of this web site is still very confusing to me because I still don't know if i had gone through it completely. The talk of Katrina got me thinking about my friend who I made because he moved to my town since his house was destroyed. It made sense when I was reading number 3 about liberty. He did not have the choice to stay in his home with all of his friends. He had to come to my town purely for survival and it was him having to open his private circle to others in order to feel for a comfort zone.

I found this site very intriguing. Each time I clicked on something I never knew what was going to pop up and I kept finding my self anticipating what each word was going to lead me to. It almost lead into a game in my head where I would read a word and click it and see if I could guess what it was about before the text showed up. The context was very touching too especially since I knew someone who had been devastated from this massacre. Through this website, I found both entertainment and some sentimental value.

Journal 6.2

The novel Pattern Recognition has started off with some interesting characters and an interesting job title. Cayce is the one of the main characters who basically is a logo and add consultant. She has very sensitive feelings towards certain logos and adds. This seems very weird and unrealistic to me because I have never met anyone who has such strong feelings towards certain logos. The prime example of this is her reaction to the michelin man whom she cannot stand for some reason. She is so devoted to her feelings that she virtually removes all of her clothes logos. Along with her is Damien who owns the apartment that Cayce is staying at and he is very into the music business. There also seems to be some growing tension between her and Dorotea. I don't know what it is but there is just a negative vibe coming from her and Cayce's relationship.

Some of the standouts from this section were the colors black, white, and gray. They are the only colors that Cayce feels she can wear. There was a lot in this section that confuses me, mostly the character of Cayce and what she does for a living. I don't really understand the whole idea behind working with logo's and adds. It seems like the story is shaping up to have some interesting and thrilling events as long as it does not continually confuse me.

Journal 7.2

Once back at Damien's room Cayce realizes some clues that lead to some body breaking in to the room. There was a roll of tape on the floor and also somebody had been looking up a porn site on the computer after her FFF site which was proof that someone was definitely in the room. She is instantly paranoid and begins to check the house for the person who could have done this. She has a brilliant idea that I would never have thought about and that is to hit the redial button on the phone to see if they called someone. She checks this and it goes to the answering machine for Dorotea. I feel that this is a foreshadow of a conflict between her and Cayce. We already know that there is some hostilities between Cayce and Dorotea and I feel that this is building up a larger conflict that will turn the book around.

The other big surprise from this was we learn that Bigend watches FFF. This comes as a shock because of the way that he brings up the subject. He asks Cayce what she thought of the kiss during a dinner and Cayce is shocked. She is confused about this until he begins to talk about who the maker is and how he wants to find out who this is. It doesn't say that he wants to put marketing in this but it is assumed because there would be no other reason why he would want to know who the maker is. He asks her to take the job of finding out who the maker is and travel to Japan to figure this out. She does not know what to do and eventually says yes. I feel like this is where the main conflict will happen and being in a different country will not help her odds of being okay.

Journal 8.2

The most intriguing interaction within this reading is the confrontation between Dorotea and Cayce. It is clear that Cayce is extremely upset as a result of Bigend's hiring of Dorotea, and it is evident that Cayce feels threatened by her. As Cayce hurls insults and profanities at Dorotea and Bigend, it is interesting how both Dorotea and Bigend maintain a calm demeanor. Cayce is obviously taken aback by how collected they seem, and this fuels her growing suspicion regarding exclusive knowledge they appear to share, a sentiment she expresses in her conversation with Boone.

Cayce obviously trusts Boone more so than any other acquitance as their conversations are quite candid and she shares with him all her theories and feelings about Dorotea and Bigend’s actions and motives. Yet even Boone is surrounded by some sense of ambiguity as when Cayce states that she has to know what Boone is “actually doing,” he agrees but replies that her knowledge will be limited “within practical limits.” When Cayce expresses concern over this statement, his response that he does not want to risk giving her all the information he again implies some underlying plot that Cayce is unaware of. This state of mystery is a constant throughout the novel and is responsible for the continued suspense prevalent throughout the story. In making references to the attempted mugging in Japan and the tapping of phones, Cayce shows that she is aware of some type of conspiracy but has yet to come to a firm conclusion regarding the its structure and the part each individual plays.

Journal 9.2

I am beginning to feel relief as the book is finally coming to an end because that means that all of my questions will be solved. Once that it is revealed that the maker of the footage is an old woman trying to make a story, I put myself in Cayce's shoes and began to think a little bit. If I were Cayce I would be both upset and happy at the same time. I would be upset at the fact that I spent all of this time traveling the world and almost getting mugged and possibly even killed to find a little old woman just enjoying her time by creating this footage. This would also bring happiness to Cayce because the footage that she thought was original and a special thing for her may now be even more meaningful since she has me this sincere woman who loves the footage just as much and maybe even more than Cayce does.

The connection between the family members of Cayce and Nora also brings up a lot of thought. Maybe it was destiny that Cayce decided not to tell Bigend that she was going to Moscow. I feel that this will lead to one final connection to tie everything together. Although I feel that this is a peaceful and genuine way to come to the end of the book I was a little upset at this part of the book. After all of this hustling around and constant mystery I was expecting a much more thrilling ending. This novel was filled with mysterious action and all of a sudden it comes to a halt with a peaceful old woman who spends her time creating this footage.

Journal 10.2

Before using the photopia site I never realized how a narrative and video games could interact. This showed me that I could take an adventure of my own through any type of world over the internet by simply typing a few words every minute or two. The trick to this is to make the reader think that by what they type makes a difference in the outcome, but the truth shows that there is the same outcome no matter what. Before trying this out in class I was very confused because some of the things I would type did not work and it took a long time to get through each phase of the narrative. The first time I played around with this I thought that I was deciding every move but it was our experience in class that made me realize that the end was predetermined. While trying to dig out the treasure we forgot the shovel and the game magically gave it to us. This made me think that it is more like a regular book than a game because usually you lose in a game but here we don't end the story we are just given the next step because we forgot it earlier. This really took away from my experience because I had never done one of these before and I thought that it was really cool that a programer could come up with all of these different branches and have them all end go a separate way, but it is just like a regular book but we navigate with text.

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