Mike's Final Paper

The novel Pattern Recognition associates elements of the world that are both old and new to me. The message central to Pattern Recognition is that the world is changing and we are becoming more of a united world, rather than separate countries. For years it seemed that countries were relatively secluded and extensive interaction with faraway entities were generally limited. This novel explores how people are having difficulty grasping the modern dynamic of information flow and how these people are attempting escape the power that the world’s large corporations hold. Cayce shows this with her logo and advertisement consulting. She has this sixth sense towards logos that give her either a good or bad vibe, a characteristic that makes her very valuable to theses international corporations. Cayce always tries to avoid the norm and keep her originality in tact with the Rickson Jacket. The manner in which Cayce makes a transition to this lifestyle is linked with the disappearance of her father during the 9/11 attacks. In adjusting to living life without her father, she employs the use of the FFF. The FFF is what initiates the change to a globalized world. Another significant change within Cayce’s life integral to the development of the plot is her assignment from Bigend in order to find out who the maker of the footage is. By traveling through several different countries Cayce is able to see a variety of cultures and gains an understanding of how these countries operate. Through this process, Cayce begins to comprehend how the world is slowly becoming linked, and the transfer of information is becoming more and more rapid.

During the September 11 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City Cayce’s father was in a cab and the cab driver along with Cayce’s father went missing. The reader can infer that Cayce was not extremely close to her father as she refers to him by his first name, Win. It is possible that she refers to him in this sense in order to ease her pain of losing him, “She’s trying to remember what would have come after securing the perimeter, in Win’s bedtime stories” (pg. 48). Subconsciously, Cayce makes it seem like he is just a character of her dreams to help solve the problem of somebody breaking into the flat. If she creates the sense that their relationship was not very strong then it may hurt less living without him. This instance shows how Cayce still holds onto the hope that she will find her father if she puts in enough effort. There is a visible connection between Win and the Twin Towers. The fall of the Twin Towers put the United States in frenzy and caused several governmental changes along with speculations around the world. This parallels the tumultuous nature of Cayce’s life, which is primarily initiated with the loss of Win. Through the loss of her father, like the changed nature of the world as a result of the twin towers, Cayce’s life has been forever changed.

Cayce may not have been close with her father but she certainly lost her sense of identity. She does, however, have a coping mechanism that allows her to be free of all of her worries and enjoy her time, and that is the FFF. “While everyone else is still trembling over The Kiss, as ever #135 will surely be known, Mushai and I have lit out for the territories. I don’t know whether you are following F;F;F or earning what passes for your living, but everyone is mad for #135, no end in sight, and I suppose you know about CNN?” (76). The footage evades strong emotions, such as love as shown in this quote. With the assistance of the footage, Cayce can start to mend her pains in which Win’s disappearance has left. The footage along with the forum provided her a place to feel a sense of humanity. This feeling is essential to humans in the time of loss. It is the sense of compassion and companionship that compensates for the loss of a loved one. By providing Cayce with these feelings she can now begin to move on to finding her identity. After her long struggle to Moscow Cayce has finally found a strong identity when she meets Stella for the first time. The connection between their fathers gives Cayce hope that she too, will be able to survive without Win.

Talking about Cayce’s life Gibson states, “Hers has never been without its share of oddness…” (203). The strangest thing about Cayce’s life is her allergic reactions to certain ads. She is unique, different, and some may say weird while others may consider it a gift. It is with this gift that she tries to keep her self away from a world that is conforming to one idea and making uniqueness a bad trait. Quicker than she ever imagined, many cultures are clashing and the new technology has only contributed to this conformity. In the novel, the footage and the FFF are globalized through the use of the Internet. The FFF is globalized because there are people of several different countries contributing to the conversations. In the end of the novel we discover that the footage is broadcasted from Russia. The Internet along with large corporations are spreading themselves out all over the globe and Cayce happens to be a part of this movement. She has been sent to three different countries to find a way to put advertising on the footage. She notices that she continually sees the same signs in each different country. Cayce feels that each country has a different background and should not have constant global existence. Because of her experience, Cayce progressively states the importance of a unique world.

While the world is slowly changing, Cayce is the one person who still tries to keep her originality. Her strong reactions to adds and logos shows that she does not want to conform to buying products that are mass produced from large corporations. Her father’s disappearance has helped her keep on this track as she has found the FFF through it. Her need to have a strong relationship with other human beings is all done through technology at this point. She has built strong relationships with the members of FFF like Parkaboy. She shows the readers how important it is to have a human connection when she begins to start crying hysterically when she meets Norah. As much as Cayce does not want to conform to the happenings of Globalizations, they are inevitable. She will not be able to stay away from corporations forever. Through all of her problems, Cayce learned a valuable lesson and has finally found her identity by learning to deal with the disappearance of her father through the humanity of the FFF, and her connections with Stella,

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