Mariela's Paper 2 Notepad

Prompt: Discuss how the world has "gone in such a different direction," and what this means, how identity ("oddness") is formed against the background of commodified global existence, how Cayce deals with these things, and what this says about the structure of the novel (say, its "detective" elements) as a whole.

"I want you to find him."
"The maker."
"Her'? 'Them'?"
"The maker.Whatever you need will be put at your disposal. You will not be working for Blue Ant. We will be partners."
"Because i want to know. Don't you?"
Yes. "Have you considered that if we find 'him', we might interrupt the process?" (p.69- conversation btw Cayce and Bigend)

  • who is the creator of the footage
  • is the footage a complete collection or a work in progress
  • what exactly is Bigend's interest in the footage

Since there was no known reason for his having been in New York, that particular morning, there was no reason to assume that he would have been in the vicinity of the World Trade Center. But Cynthia, Cayce's mother, guided by voices, had been certain from the start that he had been a victim. (p.138)

  • what exactly happened to her dad?
  • is he dead or alive?
  • how those he fit in to the story, the search for the creator of the footage and is he really trying to commmunicate?

"Cayce was followed, in Tokyo."
"By whom?"
"Two men, possibly Italian."
"I overheard them speaking Italian."
"Who were they?"
"We don't know." (p.182- conversation btw Boone and Bigend)


"She feels as though something huge has happened, is happening, but she can't define it. She knows that it's about meeting Stella, and hearing her story, and her sister's, but somehow she no longer is able to fit it to her life. Or rather she lives now in that story, her life left somewhere behind, like a room she's stepped out of. Not far away at all but she is no longer in (p.303). "

"There must always be room for coincidence, Win had maintained. When there's not, you're probably well into apophenia, each thing then perceived as part of an overarching pattern of conspiracy. And while comforting yourself with the symmetry of it all, he'd believed, you stood all too real a chance of missing the genuine threat, which was invariably less symmetrical, less perfect. But which he always, she knew, took for granted was there (p.304)."

"January. She'd still been seeing Katherine. She'd had no idea she'd be working for Blue Ant, or coming to London, or getting involved with Bigend.
Mafia (p.304)."

HELP! I keep compiling this list of quotes that may come in helpful when writing my paper but am having a lot of trouble coming up with a thesis statement. Everything seems to lead me to provide more of a summary of the novel than to actually provide and analytical piece. any suggestions as to how may i go about putting together a thesis statement?

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