Mariela's Paper 1 Notepad

Not sure on which topic:

Limited access- no wireless access in classrooms

• Increase plagiarism

• Distractions during lectures (facebook, twitter, etc.)
As long as the computer is on there’s the potential of being “online” (get exact quote from elegies)

• Laziness

• Doing another class assignment

Internet usage in relation to on campus social life

o Events invitations online

o Less face to face interaction among students- chat rooms, cyber worlds

o “We Are Vanderbilt” on campus rally to raise awareness on the issue

o One of Sven Birkerts concerns regarding the use of the internet is “the waning of the private self”; meaning that the internet has allowed for more connectivity but lost of individuality, people hide behind anonymity.

o Kanye West behavior at VMA’s (trying to find the interview of a vandy professor on the topic, linked kanye’s behavior to the internet)

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