Journal 9.2

In this part of the book, Cayce sits down with some of her colleagues and finds out that someone who she truly despises, Dorotea, has been given the opportunity to work with Blue Ant. This news hits Cayce like a sack of bricks due to the fact that she did not suspect it at all. Dorotea’s driver was the man who mugged him and tried to cause Cayce harm and Cayce cannot help but think that she was linked to the event. Dorotea has seemed to be scheming all along and always seems to be caught in Cayce’s business.
During the meeting Dorotea also brings up Cayce’s allergy and notes that were taken by her therapist, Katherine. How did Dorotea end up with those notes if they were supposed to be confidential? All these signs definitely make me question her motives and why she is so interested in Cayce’s personal life. There seems to be so much competition between Dorotea and Cayce, but more on Dorotea’s part.
In our papers our job is to compare the happenings in the book to how it relates in the world today. Dorotea resembles the “cut throat” image that many advertising companies are presented as. How it seems to be all right to do anything, right or wrong, to get a scoop or a story. I do believe that Dorotea does not care if she causes harm to Cayce and I am not surprised that if in the near future of the book that there will be more confrontation between them.

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