Journal 7.2

At this point of the book Cayce is in the process of traveling to Japan. Waking up from a nap on the plane she decides to go to the bathroom and on her way there she sees a music artist. Right when she sees her she begins to dissect "her look" and wonders why she would be on the same plane as her. This is one thing I really like about Cayce. She is always thinking and dissecting people, billboard, or anything that crosses her mind. She might think of it as an allergy, but I believe it is a gift, especially being in the business that she is in.
What I wonder is if her colleagues actually know the extent of how big her "allergy" impacts her in her everyday life. It seems that where ever she goes and whatever she sees, she has to find out every little detail. My question is, will this "allergy" help her find the founder of FFF or not?

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