Journal 6.2

-pages 42-83
Cayce strikes me as a very peculiar person. She always seems to be paranoid in someway or another. While she is in Damien's apartment she can't help but think that there is someone there with her. When she finally realizes there is no one in the house, she begins to be very nosey regarding Damien's things. This poses one question, does she still have feelings for her ex boyfriend, Damien. She refer's to the "asian sluts" on his computer scene on a regular basis. Doe's she insult the women because she thinks they are prettier than she is? She also wonders if there is any one else living with Damien at the moment. Cayce is definitely preoccupied with the love life of Damien, which left a big impact on my while reading the assingned pages. Out of all she described happening during this portion of the book her interest for Damien definitely caught my eye. Will they attempt to start a relationship later on in the book? I could see this happening.

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