Journal 5.2

The Blue Velvet website brought back many memories of a tragic incident that happened not to long ago. I felt the only way that I could write about this website would be on an emotional level due to the traumatic experience that the website relates to. Many people would not want to view a website that brings back horrible memories of the past, but I believe that this website is very different. It not only reminisces about the past, but also talks about the future as well. There is some information about the rebuilding of New Orleans, depending on what you click on. I believe that it is very important to talk about what is going to be done in future to help the situation if you are going to speak about a tragic past.
I also enjoyed the creativity of the website. While being very informative it kept you interested with the options to choose from and the crafty animation. In some parts of the website it seemed a bit gloomy and depressing, but it still wasn’t enough to bring tears to my eyes with grimacing pictures and dramatic video. I believe that if you are interesting in learning more about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina, this is a very helpful website.

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