Journal 4.2

In a hectic world where everything seems to go wrong, there is a place called, Jubilizee, which keeps this dreadful world in order. Jubilizee is inhabited by super heroes called Jordans, who make evildoers tremble at the very sound of their name. The leader of the Jordans, Nathaniel, was a strong, intelligent person who had the best interest for his people. He was loved by all the Jordans, but was envied and hated by one, his brother, Regan. This competition of power turned out for the worst when Regan became so enraged he left Jubilizee and vowed to bring vengeance back to his brother.
In an effort to restore peace in Jubilizee, Nathaniel and his eldest son set out to find his brother and make things right again. Once the fearless leader left on his journey Jubilizee was in a constant state of worry, afraid of what would happed to them if Nathaniel wasn’t able to protect them. Nathaniel searched for days for his younger brother. When it seemed like all hope was lost, the two heard a voice from afar. Was it Regan crying for help? They scampered over to the sound where they were met by a trap. Regan had been leading them far enough to entrap them, but in the end he was only able to catch Nathaniel. His plan was to take them back to Jublizee and enslave them for the rest of their lives, making Regan the new leader. His plan seemed fireproof, but what about Jack? Regan did not notice that the young one was able to escape and head back to the village.

Jack hurried back to Jubilizee to tell the Jordans what had happened. Instead of being afraid and timid the Jordans wanted to fight for their leader, as he would have done for them. They decided to wait for Regan and trap him on his way back. Days went by without a single warning that Regan was coming. Suddenly, the Jordans were alerted by the loud, cocky yells of Regan. Ready for anything, the Jordans fought to get their beloved leader back. The battle was very tough, and in the end Regan was killed. Nathaniel was overwhelmed with sadness because this is not how he wanted things to end up. Peace was restored and the Jordans proved that they could work together to accomplish anything, but the kingdom will never be the same due to the loss of Regan.

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