Journal 10.2

In a society where video games have become a norm and are present in most households, it is rare to find narrative games without any graphics at all, such as Photopia. It seems as if every year companies come up with the "next best thing" that tramples over the competition. I know by personal experience how the gaming experience has changed tremendously. My first experience playing Nintendo doesn't even compare to playing Madden 10 on my Xbox 360.
In my opinion, I found Photopia a little more difficult than I expected. You have to adjust your strategy to the certain words you can type. I don't see these types of games selling to many gamers now a days, due to the fact that it may be considered boring. This type of game certainly wouldn't appeal to the younger crowd because the lack of excitement. They might consider Photopia more of a chore or school work rather than an enjoyable game.
Frustration is also something that might also come into play, due to the fact that the solution isn't always easily found. On nearly all the video games now you are able to adjust the level of difficulty, but on Photopia I was not able to due that in which I got stuck several times.
Overall, I though that Photopia wasn't really and enjoyable or stimulating game. When this game first came out I am sure that it was fun, but since it will be compared to the games now gamers wouldn't find this as fun.

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