Honor Code

Have you ever seen someone steal? Or have you ever stolen something? This is one of those things I just don't understand. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is seen as admirable, but stealing when it hurts other students, or the poor stealing from the poor, is something I just don't get. Everytime someone steals from the munchie mart, it increases the food cost of the next year's meal plan. On top of that it is flat out illegal and if people think that it is ok to steal small things, does that translate into stealing big things?

How can we grow up to be ethical leaders when we can't even get the simplest life lesson right, don't take something that is not yours. People get outraged at Enron, Murdoch, and Congress for taking money from where it was supposed to go. Or better yet, how can we enter into institutions of higher learning and be trusted that we didn't steal ideas, when we can't be trusted to not steal ice cream?

If we allow ourselves to cheat and steal, we take away our ability as a society to do things the right way. If we always steal ideas, we will never be able to come up with our own ideas. If we always steal food, we will always feel like we deserve something, and if life doesn't give it to us, we will take it.

I mean I really don't care what someone does or believes, but when it affects someone else that is not the individual's decision to make.

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