Exclamation Points


An exclamation point is an upside down i shaped punctuation mark that symbolizes strong emotion in a sentence.

When to Use It

According to writing with style an exclamation point "must be used, however, after true exclamations or commands: "Whew!" "Go!" "How lovely!" Exclamation points are also used in other ways, such as trying to be funny. What I mean by this is using an exclamation point in a sentence where you are trying to be sarcastic. Most uses of exclamation points are through the dialog of characters. Without this the use of exclamation points are very rare.

How It Can Help Your Writing

This can help your writing in several ways. One way is to gain a voice. Each writer has their own voice and exclamation points can help do that. Another way that they help your writing is to give more detail about a character that you are telling the story of. This helps because you can see what type of person they are. Whether they are very enthusiastic or on the other hand they could be screaming at someone because they have such a short fuse. Along with these two examples exclamaiton points are also used for comic relief. Exclamation points are used in many ways such as sarcasm.

Here are a few examples of correct punctuation with exclamation points:
"Hey wait up guys!"
"Stop yelling in the back seat!"
"Your very beautiful…NOT!"

Here are a few incorrect ways to use exclamation points:
"What time is it!"- This is incorrect because you use a question mark at the end of a question.
"The president of the United States lives in the white house!"- This is incorrect because it is a simple sentence that has no comic relief and is not being expressed with such strong emotion.

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