Daniel Spoth (sample page)

About Me


Here you will want to provide a brief biography for the benefit of your fellow students.
Tell who you are, where you're from, what year of study at Vanderbilt you're currently undergoing,
and perhaps something about your interests, goals, or background. You can even add pictures, links
to other sites, or embedded video if you're feeling unusually ambitious. This is your space, so you can do
whatever you would like with it. (WIKI ARTICLE 1)

My Writing Career

Here I would like you to discuss briefly your career as a writer up to this point. What experience do you have composing either fiction or nonfiction? Think of writing assignments you've been given in college, high school, or earlier. Which ones did you like, and which ones did you not like as much? Do you have experience writing in a language besides English? (WIKI ARTICLE 1)

My Writing Strengths

Here you should list three writing strategies you've used in the past that have worked very well for you, or that seemed to produce favorable results. These can be strategies you've refined over years of writing or just some things that you do fairly regularly when you write—for example, if you like to use witty little quotes from famous people, or if you're very good at creating a thesis statement. (WIKI ARTICLE 1)

My Writing Weaknesses

Here you should list three things that you know you don't do too well when you write, some aspects of the writing process with which you'd like some more help over the course of the semester—for example, if you have trouble winding up papers with a good final paragraph or find grammar and punctuation very difficult, you should say so here. (WIKI ARTICLE 1)


Daniel Spoth's Journal

Paper Upload

During peer review sessions, you will be asked to upload plain-text versions of your drafts for
commentary and editing purposes. You will be able to make links to these drafts here.

Writing With Style Synopsis

Your first wiki article is this very page; your second is a synopsis of a section of Trimble's
Writing With Style, to which you will provide a link here.

Pattern Recognition Guide and Commentary

Your third and fourth wiki articles will be research and commentary on parts of Gibson's
Pattern Recognition, which will be linked here.

Remember, your wiki page is the hub for your class assignments and ongoing projects. Be sure to check in on it and maintain it regularly!

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