Cathy Tang


Hey everyone. My name is Cathy Tang. I'm from Shanghai, China. I'm a freshman at Vanderbilt. This is my second time studying in the states. I used to study in Los Angeles when I was in middle school. My major is undecided but I'm considering the social sciences field. In my spare time, I enjoy shopping, traveling, and hanging out out with friends! I love to chat with my close friends and update each other. My goal in Vanderbilt is to reach my greatest potential.

My Writing Career

My four years of middle school in Los Angeles did not give me much chance to write different kinds of writing. My high school years in Shanghai were mostly occupied by Chinese writing assignments. However, my writing "career" started when I applied for college admission. Application essays was driving me crazy. That is when I realized I really need to work on my English writing skills. After I got admitted, I signed up for a online course on economics and a writing course which all have a certain amount of writing assignments. Well,I still have a lot to work on!!!!

My Writing Strengths

Due to the lack of practice on English writing, I don't really know my writing strengths. I guess I take every writing assignment seriously and try to improve my writing skills step by step. Hmm, well..from the writing assignments I've encountered so far, I enjoy writing research paper although it is quite time-consuming. I like the process of doing research, gathering facts, organizing, and putting them into a piece of writing.

My Writing Weaknesses

1. It takes me quite a long time to write a piece of writing. Usually, after doing some research, I have a lot of stuff in mind. But it is hard for me to write my thoughts down the way I wanted to.
2. At lot of times, I can't find the proper word to describe something. For example, misuse of adjectives.


Cathy Tang's Journal

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Cathy's Paper 1 Notepad
Cathy's First Paper

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Cathy's Final Paper

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