Cathy's Paper 1 Notepad

Thesis: Providing convenience both academically and socially, the Internet access should be encouraged among college students.

Talk about the phenomenon that many college students around the country have access to internet on campus. 

Academic support
1. keep track of the course work and prepare for exams. Blackboard academic suite (evidence on how blackboard is widely used ).

“According to a study released last week by Houghton Mifflin, more than half of college students use the Internet "to keep up with course work and prepare for exams."”

provide personal experience. how blackboard is useful for college student. Immediate feedback of grades (find deficiencies, improve), works. assignments (students always check if you forget something)
2. Wiki page. interact with professor and other students. Learn from others. “virtual discussions”

24 percent engage in online tutoring; and 16 percent participate in online study groups.

3. wide range of resources. a) online sample tests b) study aids. spark notes c)online articles

Fifty-nine percent of college students in the survey reported using online study aids, with 78 percent of those students saying they use online quizzing—the single most popular school-related use of the Internet. In addition, about 29 percent use video tutorials;

Promote social /daily life
1. instant messengers ( call my parents via skype across the globe. free!)
music and relaxation.
2. e-mails form clubs and organizations/package arrival. 

You might argue that internet is addictive. Students will learn things only on the furface.and it does a great harm to students who get easily distracted.
List some harms that the Internet might have. 

HOWEVER, the Internet's advantages outweigh disadvantages
Can they survive without a computer with wireless in college?
what if they are in a crisis and need help from professors immediately? what if they need to turn in their homework? 

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