Aric's Paper 2 Notepad

In previous english classes in high school I was always told that dreams are always added to stories for a reason. They are never fluff or filler. They serve a specific role. That being said…

When Cayce dreams and these things happen that seem to have similiarities it could be a few different things.
It could be that Cayce's unconscious brain is processing way more information and links than the conscious brain and that of the readers.
It wouldn't be that far removed if Cayce's power not only translated into future trends, but could take patterns and place them into future events. What I mean by this is that Cayce could dream of multiple political leaders and then in some future the political leaders that she dreamed of could effect each other in a good or bad way. The example is a little extreme, but there is potential considering the book is getting more and more weirder which translates into more and more impossible in today's world.

Another thing that interest me in this book is the fact that these companies know about Blue Ant and Cayce's gift but why doesn't the general public know about her gift. And if the general public were aware of her work wouldn't there be a way to counter act her gift, as in not accept as a new trend.

The secrecy of some big things in this book is a hurdle I don't quite understand how the author deals with. I guess it could be said that the rich run the world therefore it never makes it to the newspaper.

Work in Progress.


Talk about how appearance clashes with reality.
-Specifically talk about how fashion and character looks have certain roles in this book.
-Creation of advertising and how this works with Cayce's way of finding trends and the creation of trends.

Talk about the new and the old in regards to Win and Dorotea.
-Both work in intelligence, but have different methods, is this due to a changing world or something else?
-Tie this in with how it has changed a character, and maybe how it created a way for Cayce to not have to follow the norm.

Talk about Boone Chu and how he has this certain identity, but how his actual identity might be different.
-Relate this to how he knows certain things when he shouldn't.
-Also relate this to the fact that he knows the right people needed in a situation.

Take this conversation about identity and apply it to the internet and society, within the book and in our own society.
-Maybe add personal connection to the essay, and start to draw in on what Gibson is trying to say about society.

Talk about the globalization of identity and how to set oneself apart in a world of mass production.
-Take Cayce's example of being her own, and this mass logo that a lot of people follow.
ex Tommy Hilfiger
-What I do and what society does to create individuality online and in society.

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