Aric's Paper 1 Notepad

What do a stack of books 10 feet tall and the internet have in common- both can help you find the information that you need, but one takes less time to search. All of the United States, school class rooms are integrating their class to follow the new features of the internet with a lot of the traditionalist thinking that it is a bad idea to change the way we have been doing things for a few hundred of years. However, I can not agree with this position, because I can attest to the help Internet has given me in a host of activities from games to help me learn what the countries of the world are to what exactly is the Federal Reserve rate at this specific moment. Nothing is more self evident of my point then the fact that the scholars of the world use the internet to edit and get ideas for there articles for scholarly journals. The whole idea of Cascio's paper is almost self defeating because the Atlantic is an online only news site.

The internet has advantages that can hardly be measured by how we write, what lingo we use, or how often we pick up something that is hard to find what your looking for, a book.
Compare the profession of Journalism to that of ideas spreading throughout the online global community. Journalism used to be a sacred profession where the biggest and most successful got to choose what they put on their front page, there by affecting the information was distributed by the masses. If the media wanted to hide a story, they could just not print it or talk about it on the television. With the spreading of the internet, not only is there news stories that we might not have heard about if left to traditional media like the ACORN scandal that is taking place right now, hardly being reported by the tv or newspaper medias, but the internet also allows for people to correct the wrong information that is put out there, when congress says that taxes won't be increased with the new health care bill, but a blogger who reads it can tell the whole world that there is an "excise tax" included in the bill.

In another aspect people forget how easily information is being outdated, imagine if you had to buy a hard copy of the science of the day. A lot of the stories would need to be revised every year according to new studies. Specific science books would have even a bigger problem with this.

To say the old way of doing something is better is like saying that you prefer to churn your own butter or plant your own food. Yes it is plausible, but why?

Bigger point??- Is having the internet allowing us to experience life more fully? A new study suggest that we lose brain cells that contain bad memories as time goes on more so than good memories, so are the back in my day arguments just a figment of aging?

Things I want to talk about for sure in my paper:
Evolution of thought
Having constantly correcting data
Taking information away from specialist to the average person
Better back then arguments

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