Amy Salce

About Me


My name is Amy Salce. I am a freshman at Vanderbilt and I am from Naples, Florida. My family consists of my mom and dad, my brother, Anthony (20), and my sister, Arleigh (13). I am undecided on my major, but I'm leaning towards the medical field. I am also swimming for Vanderbilt. During my free time I love to hang out with my friends. I am looking to improve my writing in this class.

My Writing Career

This is one of the first writing assignments I have received in college so far. However, I had various writing assignments in high school. Most of my writing experience is English, but I do have some experience in Spanish and Italian as well. In English, most of my experience comes from writing essays, journal responses to books and short stories, and emailing. My experience in Spanish includes six years of spanish classes and a Spanish Composition class I took my senior year of high school. My experience in Italian includes one year of class and writing to my Italian grandparents.

My Writing Strengths

One of my writing strengths is grammar and punctuation. When receiving a graded essay, I always find that I have very few errors in this area. Another strength is that I always seem to have a lot to say on a certain topic and can always provide good examples and details. Another strength I have is that I proof-read my essays many times in order to catch grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, clarity issues, etc. When doing this, I am always able to make the piece of writing better.

My Writing Weaknesses

One of my writing weaknesses is repitition. When I write, I tend to offer too many examples or details on a certain topic. I also over-exagerate and find that I have either given the topic too much detail or that I have said what I meant too many times, but in a different way. Another weakness I have is clarity. Sometimes it is very difficult for me to piece together what I am trying to say and eventually get it on paper in a way that makes sense. Another issue I have that goes along with clarity is time. It takes me a long time to write a clear, thought out essay or piece of writing. I always know what I want to say or am trying to say, but actually getting it on paper is a long process.


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