Amy's Paper 2 Notepad

Discuss how the world has "gone in such a different direction," and what this means, how identity ("oddness") is formed against the background of commodified global existence, how Cayce deals with these things, and what this says about the structure of the novel (say, its "detective" elements) as a while.

Cayce's life has changed so much and she never imagined herself living in a world like she is now.
Her life is becoming a fiction, or something that you would see in a movie and not in real life.
Life is unexpected and more frightening now.
Started to change after the 9/11 attacks.
Her life is now full of danger as well: being stalked, burgled, followed
Her life is unique, but more odd by the day.

The world is becoming more globalized- this is both good and bad.
Examples: FFF, different nationalities of characters in the novel and how they interact with people of other nationalities, flying to different countries and exchanging information with people of other countries, communicating with Parkaboy instantly while he is in another country. What would have Cayce done without the instant help of Parkaboy in Japan?
Cayce effects people's lives by approving/disapproving/giving feedback on logos. She can make or break a company that is in another country.

Future is unknown after 9/11 attacks.
9/11 attacks proves that anything can happen spontaneously. No one was expecting 9/11 attacks… no information from the past that leads up to the attacks or evidence in which someone would have been able to predict the attacks to happen.
Footage is related to the future- no one knows what is about to come. In a way, Cayce likes how the future is mysterious.
Cayce is not sure what will happen in the future and who will be behind what happens in the future.

What constitutes individuality in a globalized world?

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