Amy's Paper 1 Notepad

-OAK and Blackboard
-Grades online
-Instant news/communication
-Useful information on the Internet
-Class Wiki pages

OAK and Blackboard: Assignments and handouts instantly, syllabus, saving paper, don't have to bother professor
Grades Online: Saves paper, helpful for students
Instant news/communication: Emergencies such as swine flu, school shootings, weather, other important updates
Youtube- educational videos
-Useful information on the Internet- search engines (quick and easy)
-Class wiki pages- saves paper, professors can grade on the website, students receive information quickly

-Professors rely on internet, some students will not check Wiki pages or Blackboard
-Students rely on internet and do not use any other sources
-Co-dependent on the Internet
-Poor language when communicating with professors or professionals

-Students become addicted to websites such as facebook and myspace and they are distracting to school work.
-Students develop bad habits of internet lingo and shortcuts in which they begin to use on important assignments and communication.
-Students only use internet as a source of information and rarely pick up a book to obtain information

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