Ah Jung's Paper 2 Notepad

Discuss how the world has "gone in such a different direction," and what this means, how identity ("oddness") is formed against the background of commodified global existence, how Cayce deals with these things, and what this says about the structure of the novel (say, its "detective" elements) as a while.

The world is diversified a lot and changing rapidly so that it involves and affects individual's life in such a large degree. Even one small thing can change person's life dramatically
-Cayce's one comment about Russian mafia changed her life entirely.

Diversified society includes diversified brands, thus produced manifestation of icons and logos from those brands. These circumstance unevitably letting the trends-or copies-to be produced among the brand. The uniqueness is disappearing. In this case, the originality can be seemed as the oddness and be seemed against the trends.
-Rickson's jacket,
-Black CPU that shows no brands at all
-The originality and uniqueness of Footage(created by Nora, affected by 911)

Global commercialization and those other related topics enables this novel to develop the idea.
Also, 9. 11 attack influenced individuals a lot.
-Win, Cayce, Stella, and Nora are the people who are influenced by those global issues.

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