Ah Jung's Paper 1 Notepad


recent trend of increased internet access should be encouraged for busy university students in efficiency base


internet access allows student's school life to be manageable
- fast, convenient interaction between professor and students
ex) OAK announcement page and E-mail
- making appointment rather easily by knowing the posted schedule of professor
- Checking one's grade easily
- package arrival notification
- library
- excused absence notification ahead
- easy notification of events and schedules
ex)club meeting/residential information

Internet access is inevitable part for improving student's academic success

- reviewing materials have been used for previous courses
ex)lecture outline, selected slides
-easy and convenient article/data search
-doing homework using particular sites
ex)mastering chemistry
-sharing class ideas/peer editing/feedback from professor
ex)wiki site
-one of the method that professors used to create their tests and quizzes


-possibility of cheating
-distraction on student's work
ex)facebook, students need to constantly checking their e-mail
-doing other work during class time using student's laptop

Google becames a powerful tool for searching information. Everyone seems like using google; of course, one of groups that needs the most amount of information, university students, must have been using Google to search information at least once-or living with google. What if free internet access, an air of databases that most people breath in-has been denied by somebody? The result is simply aweful: mass insanity, public anger, and immense workload.

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