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About Me


My name is Ah Jung Heo. I'm the Vanderbilt class of 2013, which means I'm freshman right now. And I'm from Korea. I raised in Korea and I spend 16 years of my life solely in Korea. However, I came to America 3 years ago all by myself. My family, which is consists with my parents and one younger sister, have been living in Korea while I've been staying in Irvine, California for last 3 years. What I love to do is listen to music. From classics to many country's pop songs, I listen virtually all kinds of music.
My probable major is Biology in Vanderbilt, though I'm not sure about being a pre-med student.

My Writing Career

My writing career have started after I arrived in America. Before, I was in Korean highschool and I rarely had any writing assignment, even in Korean. However, in sophomore year, I learned how to write an essay at first—it is obvious that I didn't do well from the first time. In junior year, I met an English teacher who helped me a lot in overall English include writing essay. Then, I worked in writing section of SAT and application essays. And common application essay became the best piece of my writing ever :) (WIKI

My Writing Strengths

I don't really know whether my writing is good or bad. But the only strength I know about my writing is that I can write honestly. And I'm always trying to use vivid language as many as possible rather dull language.

My Writing Weaknesses

My writing weakness are numerous. I often have grammar mistakes; I can't write paper fast—when teacher gives me a paper to write, it takes me forever; and the most serious problem is that I'm writing in the manner that I'm used to write in Korean. The manner of writing in English and Korean is apparently different. However, since I often trying to "translate" my thought in English, there exists confusion of language usage that American people can't really comprehend.


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Pattern Recognition Guide and Commentary

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