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Welcome to English 100!

This class is an experiment in reading digital and interactive literature alongside the formal literary text. In our readings, we will attempt to move beyond the notion that digital writing dilutes the concerns of "literature" simply by virtue of its medium in favor of a more complex conception of the unique potential (and potential for failure) of such compositions.

If you are a student in this class, you can access Course Materials, current assignments, and other goings-on on the Class News page (I recommend that you bookmark this page for future reference). For journal and response assignments, access your individual wiki page from the list to create and edit entries.

You can find instructions for altering your text and adding other media at the wiki help page.

If you are a visitor to this page, you may want to examine our Syllabus, read student journals and response writing, or peruse our ongoing reader's guide to William Gibson's Pattern Recognition.

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